post-date Oct 06, 2022 read-time 3 mins read
Amazon sellers can discover useful information about customer behavior, popular search phrases, competition success, and advertising strategies using Amazon Analytics, a collection of reports. With this additional knowledge, businesses may make choices that will increase sales on Amazon and perha...
post-date Oct 06, 2022 read-time 4 mins read
You might not be aware that anyone can sell goods on You have the opportunity to reach millions of customers on Amazon, regardless of whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a one-person operation selling goods from your apartment.
post-date Sep 30, 2022 read-time 3 mins read
Sales forecasting is the process of predicting sales for a product or service. It involves collecting data about past sales and making assumptions about future demand based on them. KwickMetrics can perform sales forecasting for your products and help you prepare yourself for unexpected demand.
post-date Sep 23, 2022 read-time 3 mins read
Here’s the new expenses report page for the KwickMetrics community. An expenses report is a place where you can have an overview of the expenses that took place over the period. The expenses report gives you the overall details of your business expenses that have taken place. We are pleased to in...
post-date Sep 05, 2022 read-time 2 mins read
Do you want to know the main factor that makes Amazon and other major stores successful? It’s due to their investment in cutting-edge software that gathers and examines vast amounts of consumer data.

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