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Updated on : January 18, 2023
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The Professional Guidance of Amazon PPC Dayparting | Kwickmetrics

What is Dayparting?

The Dayparting technique is an innovative Amazon advertising method that permits you to divide a day into segments that are hourly and do precise targeting. This lets advertisers switch their campaigns off or on at specific times of the day, and for certain times of the week. For example, if you would like to run Amazon PPC campaigns to be active only on weekends between 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM it is possible to use dayparting to stop your campaigns for the rest of the time.

Why do Amazon PPC advertisers use Dayparting?  

1. To prevent CPC Rush (and thus control ACoS ): Amazon refreshes the budget of every advertiser at midnight. Because of this, most competition occurs during the first several hours because no advertisers are in budget and therefore, CPC (cost-per-click) is also very high. This pattern of high CPCs during the first couple of days is often called CPC rush. When the days progress advertisers with small budgets begin losing money, and this in turn drives down the CPC down. One of the methods Amazon PPC advertisers use is to turn on their ads for the first couple of hours (e.g from midnight to at 6:00 AM) and then start advertising once the lesser players have left the game and the CPC is at a steady level. They gain an added benefit of using their money carefully and manage their ACoS of their ads.

2. Controlling the amount of advertising Spends (and be sure to stay out from Budget ): Due to the high CPC budgets, they are completely exhausted before the time of day's end (usually at around 3pm or 4 pm). This means that they not be able to catch the times when shoppers tend to be more inclined to purchase. To prevent this the problem, they employ dayparting and stop the campaigns at low response times - typically during the first few hours in the morning (12 AM - 6 AM) as well as in some instances the hours of operation (12 PM - 04 PM) during the weekdays.

Dayparting Limitations With Amazon PPC

The drawback in Amazon Ads can be found in the fact that, unlike other platforms such as Google Ads, Amazon doesn't provide the required information to allow Dayparting. Based on the reports currently available there's no way for advertisers to determine when the ad was viewed and led to the conversion of an order. Even if all orders are made in the evening between 5 PM - 8 PM, it does not mean that the customer clicked on the ad at the same time. It's all dependent on the buyer's behaviour when shopping. Without these data, it's nearly impossible to come up with a fool proof dayparting plan that will guarantee results. However, there are many other uses like the ability to avoid CPC rush that makes dayparting on Amazon PPC extremely well-known.

Dayparting for Amazon Ads with Kwickmetrics

Kwickmetrics makes it simple to set up dayparting. It offers all the tools necessary to quickly establish and control Dayparting to the Amazon PPC campaigns:

  • Kwickmetrics allows dayparting on every type of campaign including Sponsored products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.
  • It is possible to create one dayparting plan and connect it to many campaigns across all your accounts. This is extremely useful for companies or agencies that manage many Amazons advertising accounts across multiple marketplaces.
  • Kwickmetrics lets you create various Dayparting strategies for your Amazon PPC management. You can define the hours and days during which you wish the campaigns you run to remain active.
  • You can disable or enable dayparting strategies by using an easy toggle, without having to remove the connection from your current campaigns. This ensures that no modifications result from the dayparting method at any point thereafter. It's useful during times of high the peak day of sales or prime day, etc. when an advertiser would like to end daily dividing for 3-4 days, and then continue later with the selected campaigns.
  • For accounts for sellers, Kwickmetrics looks at your business reports for sellers and provides you an image of the order distribution over the specified time. This data is easy to consume and is a great resource to design the most efficient dayparting plan.

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There's no one size that is universal in regards to Amazon PPC, and thus we recommend trying different strategies for different campaigns to determine the most effective strategy for your business.

  • If you're facing budgetary restrictions and your budget won't extend throughout the day for your campaigns, we suggest making use of dayparting to shut your campaigns off during the first few hours (12-6 AM).
  • If you find that the ACOS for your campaigns is very high and, even after making bid adjustments, you're not able meet desired ACOS Try Dayparting to reduce the ACOS because dayparting will make sure that your advertising budget is optimal.
  • Be sure to review every one of your Amazon PPC campaigns from time to time to monitor the results and refine the strategy if required. You can also conduct experiments using identical campaigns using the same products and bids, goals budgets and so on. and running them during different days and hours. In the light of your results, you are able to design a dayparting strategy that is ideal.

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