post-date Dec 20, 2021 read-time 3 mins read
Ever-evolving technological developments and innovations constantly change how the marketing ecosystem operates. Business intelligence tools enable companies to efficiently capture their goals and key performance indicators and optimize customer satisfaction.
post-date Apr 29, 2021 read-time 4 mins read
FBM stands for Fulfilment by Merchant. The seller is in complete control of storing, packing and shipping their orders and dealing with all customer service queries. Instead of paying Amazon for storage and service fees, the seller uses their resources and delivers the order to the buyer. FBM can...
post-date Mar 25, 2021 read-time 5 mins read
FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon is an Amazon service for sellers that provides Storage, Packaging and Shipping assistance. The program allows sellers to ship their goods to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, where items are stored in warehouses until they are sold. This strategy takes the burden ...
post-date Dec 28, 2021 read-time 4 mins read
Welcome to Amazon seller Reporting Part 2.
post-date Dec 22, 2021 read-time 4 mins read
Selling on Amazon is sometimes a matter of a Trial and Error. Before selling, one should understand what are all the most important aspect of selling on Amazon. One of the key aspects is understanding the insights of your business.

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