post-date Oct 06, 2022 read-time 3 mins read
Amazon sellers can discover useful information about customer behavior, popular search phrases, competition success, and advertising strategies using Amazon Analytics, a collection of reports. With this additional knowledge, businesses may make choices that will increase sales on Amazon and perha...
post-date Apr 04, 2022 read-time 1 min read
Amazon sellers need to develop a 360° view of their brand sales, performance, and profits. Using an Amazon in-depth brand analytics tool, they can get access to necessary insights and make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio. From sales and marketing to inventory managemen...
post-date Dec 20, 2021 read-time 3 mins read
Ever-evolving technological developments and innovations constantly change how the marketing ecosystem operates. Business intelligence tools enable companies to efficiently capture their goals and key performance indicators and optimize customer satisfaction.

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