Inventory Management

Managing your inventory becomes problematic when the number of SKUs rises. To make this process hassle-free, we have developed the best Inventory management feature that will allow you to manage your inventory, track current inventory status, generate purchase order reports, organise events such as promotional activities, and analyze historical data so sellers can plan their future inventory levels.



The well-structured dashboard of our inventory management module allows you to get a crystal-clear picture of the stocks available in the different warehouses. You can view details about the in-stock, in-transit SKUs across different warehouses. And that’s not all! You can categorise the information based on Category and Time Periods.

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Managing your virtual warehouse in KwickMetrics is something that brings you and your products closer, resulting in a rise in the efficiency of managing your products. This feature gives you all the details about the products present in the concerned warehouses created by you. The detailed representation includes information about the name and location of the warehouse, the total number of SKUs, type, region, and information about when the items were created and updated. Sellers can create an unlimited number of warehouses, such as FBA, third party or in-house inventories.

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Managing the details of your shipment status is not a hassle any longer. Our inventory management feature accommodates the tracking of your shipments perfectly. Enter the details about the input mode of the shipment (whether by seaways, airways or roadways), shipment date, tracking ID, and source warehouse. You can also import this data via CSV files, a sample for which is also provided for your convenience.

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Purchase Orders

What was bought? When? And from whom? We are ready to answer these questions on your behalf. Every Purchase order in history carries the details about the merchant details, unique order ID, order date, delivery date, and the status of the order. As a user, you can also create custom purchase orders by entering in details about the same. You can also reissue existing purchase orders you have generated in the past.

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What are products without consumers? We value your need to organise promotional events for your products. To make your tracking and organising of an event successful, you need to enter details about the SKU, the starting and ending date of the event, and the name of the event. Using promotional data from the past as referance, you can plan for your future inventory wisely. You can also enter additional information about the event in the separate comment section provided.

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