Cross Border E-commerce Conclave

Held at
April 20 - 22, 2024
10.00 - 16.00
India Expo Mart centre, Greater Noida, Delhi - NCR, India

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Why to attend this event?

Discover unparalleled networking opportunities at the event, where you can forge fresh connections, cultivate your network, and engage with leading e-commerce sellers and industry experts. Explore the Expo Bazaar's vision to fulfillment and the road ahead, while also meeting potential investors and finding top-tier service providers. Participate in consolidated discussions on various challenges, including data privacy and cybersecurity, identity verification, customer experience, and loyalty.  Additionally, delve into topics like localization across borders, omnichannel needs of brands, store agility, and evolving customer needs in the context of customer diversity. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge, network, and business potential.

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Why KwickMetics sponsored the event?

KwickMetrics sponsored the event to demonstrate our commitment to supporting the e-commerce community and fostering innovation within the industry. By sponsoring the event, we aim to showcase our dedication to empowering sellers with advanced tools and insights for e-commerce success. Additionally, sponsoring the event allows us to increase brand visibility and connect with potential clients, partners, e-commerce sellers and industry leaders around the globe. We believe in the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and sponsoring events like this enables us to contribute to the growth and development of the e-commerce ecosystem.

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