KwickMetrics vs Shopkeeper: Which Dashboard App Will Help Amazon Sellers More in 2022?

Updated on : April 18, 2024
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KwickMetrics vs. Shopkeeper: Best Dashboard App for Sellers

KwickMetrics’s mission is to provide a tool for Amazon sellers that is powerful, affordable and feature-packed while also providing them the most critical information essential for running and growing a business on Amazon. It is important for us that we are accessible through budget-friendly plans while providing all the important features that other services may provide, but better, faster, and more accurate. In this article, we will be taking a deep dive into the features, user interface and affordability of two popular dashboard apps for Amazon sellers.




◐ - In development or planned in roadmap

Our users have reported using a combination of 2 or 3 different paid tools including Shopkeeper. KwickMetrics has all of the functionality of its main competitors as well as much more, all in one powerful, feature-packed platform! To directly compare the two, the following is a list of unique features offered by KwickMetrics over Shopkeeper.

✔ Intuitive and visually rich graphical dashboard

✔ Category trees, a simple way of organising your product catalogue with tags and hierarchies to get detailed insights and reports such as top-performing or underperforming collections based on design, product, brand, colour, size, etc.

✔ Configurable charts with filters, letting you compare and analyse data visually across any time frame

✔ Detailed sales order, returns, buyers, category and reimbursement reports

✔ Integrate multiple Amazon seller accounts with a single KwickMetrics login as well as multiple user access with roles and permissions

✔ Near real time live sync, stay notified with instant business alerts and updates

✔ Native Android and iOS app so you can stay updated while on-the-go, and much more...!


The only feature that KwickMetrics does not currently provide over Shopkeeper at the time of writing this article is Inventory Forecasting, but we have been working on it for a few months now and are expecting to launch it in the next quarter. The inventory forecasting being developed by KwickMetrics will be much more accurate since it will deploy state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that learn how your products sell in different seasons and Amazon events.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

It only takes a few seconds to fill out the signup form and start trying out KwickMetrics.

14-day free trial. No credit card required, cancel at any time.

User Interface and Experience

KwickMetrics and Shopkeeper have vastly different user interfaces and experiences while trying to fulfil the same user goals. The very first screen on both platforms is the Dashboard. It is clear that the target audience for both tools is different based on just the design language and information available to users.

For example, when you sign into KwickMetrics, you will see the new revamped Dashboard that features a detailed Sales and Returns overview with critical information at a glance such as the top performing products, product trends, buyer segmentation, and more. Sellers are able to quickly access high level metrics such as Orders, Units, Revenue, Returns and Estimated Net Profit.


The Shopkeeper dashboard is visually very different from KwickMetrics in colour scheme and shapes. Even though similar information is presented to the viewer, it is done so in a much more simplified way. Some users may prefer this kind of dashboard if they would like a low-level, easy-to-pick-up style of dashboard.


Users may prefer one style over another, so there is no clear winner and it is up to the user’s choice.


Pricing is something that KwickMetrics prides itself on. The KwickMetrics entry level subscription at $25 covers the same monthly orders (3000) as the $90 subscription in Shopkeeper (1000-5000). Even the free tier of KwickMetrics has more functionality and fewer limitations than some of the paid Shopkeeper subscriptions! In terms of value for money as well as sheer usage volume, KwickMetrics is the clear winner.



$25/mo - 3000 orders

$35/mo - 6000 orders

$45/mo - 15000 orders

$75/mo - 60000 orders



$20/mo - 1-250 orders

$45/mo - 250-1000 orders

$90/mo - 1000-5000 orders

$250/mo - unlimited orders


What will you choose?

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Both apps have their pros and cons but we believe that KwickMetrics is a better dashboard app for Amazon sellers based on our analysis. Don’t just take our word for it though. Try KwickMetrics out today by using the free demo account, complete with prepopulated sample seller data. Schedule a demo today and experience KwickMetrics.

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