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With KwickMetrics, it’s easy to track and manage all of your Amazon seller data – on your computer, on your phone, your tablet and more. KwickMetrics was founded by a young team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and visionaries who saw a gap in the Amazon after-sales market. What began as a an idea flourished into a full fledged app with a group of individuals keen on revolutionising how data is consumed by sellers. We learned that every single byte of data can be used to optimise every link in the product chain. Amazon provides sellers with data, we transform this data and give it meaning.

Concept and Ideation

  • The idea of KwickMetrics was borne by learning about the difficulties and complexities that Amazon sellers have to face from talking to our sister company currently engaged in selling products on Amazon.
  • Brainstormed options to solve this issue and explored technology being used to automate repetitive business tasks.
  • Registered as an authorised Amazon developer to access Amazon seller data using APIs.
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Design and Development

  • Formed a talented team of technical and security experts who started working closely with the Amazon sales department of our sister company.
  • After multiple iterations of KwickMetrics, finally developed a minimum viable product (MVP) and succeeded in saving the time and money of our sister company.
  • Started thinking about turning the MVP into a full fledged SaaS-based app to help all Amazon sellers.
  • Chose to initially focus on only the analytics and reporting domain by developing multiple crucial features for Amazon sellers.
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Testing and Launch

  • Finalised the brand name and colour - ‘KwickMetrics’ - an ode to sellers quickly accessing their business metrics in a fast paced and ever-evolving world of e-commerce, and the main colors of blue and red symbolising power, trust, and analytical thinking.
  • Trademarked the logo and name.
  • After several months, developed and launched the beta version of KwickMetrics.
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Growth and the Future

  • Started gaining seller trust from across the world. Today we have users from America, Germany, Brazil, the UK, India, and Canada.
  • Finally exited the beta phase, showing that KwickMetrics as a full fledged analytics tool is now ready for the public.
  • Modified existing features and added new features based on seller feedback. The core of the company is to serve Amazon sellers and to this day, every piece of feedback we receive from our users is invaluable.
  • We are currently serving hundreds of Amazon sellers selling in multiple marketplaces and are continuously growing every single day.
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