Amazon Business Reports: Different Types and Why To Use Them?

Updated on : April 18, 2024
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Amazon Business Reports: Different Types and Why To Use Them

Actionable data is the greatest approach toward expanding any company's operations. Using the amazon seller central reporting tool, you may learn about how your consumers use your items and how often they purchase your products. As a bonus, you'll also discover how many items each consumer orders in a single purchase.

What are Amazon Business Reports and Where Can They Be Found?

Amazon's Business Reports give sellers the information they need to focus on what matters most to their companies. They provide analytical insights for organizations to establish an ideal marketing plan, allowing them to find ways to increase sales.

If you have a Seller Central account, you'll find the Business Reports under the Reports main tab. Only sellers who have signed up for the Amazon Brand Registry Program have access to the Amazon Business Reports.

Under the Reports tab, you'll see Amazon sellers' financial information. Other records, such as sales and tax reports, are also accessible. Using these reports, you may gain long-term marketing and sales strategy insights.


Different Types Of Amazon Business Reports

Amazon offers three distinct types of Business Reports:

  • Sales Dashboard

It provides you with an in-depth look at your sales and orders. These reports also include many trend graphs for comparing and analyzing data from days, weeks, or years past. Using Amazon's Business Report, you can quickly see your historical sales, unit sales, and average order value.

  • Sales & Traffic

If you're looking for an average of sales data over a given period, this report is for you.

  • Detail Page Sales and Traffic by ASIN

The data in this report is broken down by parent and child ASIN. A comprehensive performance report is provided at the product level. You may acquire detailed product reporting data for a specific date.

For the most part, the data included in these reports can be accessed for up to two years. The left-hand navigation bar contains a list of all the accessible reports.

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Why are Amazon Business Reports necessary?

When running a business, you must make judgments based on the available information to keep the organization on track. Many individuals rely on their intuition when making business decisions, but if you have trustworthy statistics, optimizing your firm will be simple.

Amazon Seller Central's business reports offer a variety of ways to deliver insightful information. As a result of the important information supplied in Amazon's accessible reports, you will be able to increase your conversion rates and sales volume, as well as reduce your ad expenditure and benefit in other ways.

Due to a lack of data, gauging product demand in the market is one of the greatest challenges for businesses. Consumer demand signals from Amazon are utilized in Business Product Opportunity (BPO) reports providing tailored product recommendations.

Using this method, you'll have a better idea of what Amazon Business buyers are looking for in your product category. The products that your B2B customers are most likely to buy on Amazon will be revealed to you as well.

Market research and setting realistic goals may be challenging, especially if you lack the relevant expertise and background. Your business may grow if you use the proper technique and gain the appropriate insights from Amazon Business Reports.

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