The Importance of Amazon Data Analytics

Data Analytics is crucial to any successful Amazon business. Amazon data analytics tools assist sellers in fine-tuning their selling strategies by providing them valuable insights to make informed decisions. These insights are important in staying ahead competitive in today’s fast paced Amazon marketplaces. Because the Amazon marketplace is growing exponentially every day, it is important for sellers to utilise analytics in order to ensure maximum returns on investment. KwickMetrics is the only Amazon marketing analytics tool you need to fulfil all your data analytics needs.

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Enhance Advertising Initiatives

Amazon sellers will be able to easily understand how many buyers clicked on their ads and how many actually completed a purchase by looking at the advertising data and numbers. Using this data, sellers can improve their advertising campaigns or optimize their product listings better to increase the conversion rate. With KwickMetrics, you have access to various advertising modules including Product Display Ads, Amazon Native Ads and Sponsored Products. Advertising and the Cost of Sale’s percentage will allow you to measure the effectiveness of a concerned Amazon’s Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC).

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Reduce Financial Losses

Amazon marketing analytics reveals flaws in your business model or in the way that you have structured your business. Amazon sellers will be able to understand where they are spending the most, how to increase profits, what to invest in and reduce their losses accordingly. It helps with coming up with strategic solutions to problems. By viewing the top performing products, sellers will also be able to evaluate which of their products are worth investing in and which are not.

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Optimised Pricing Strategy

KwickMetrics will help Amazon FBA sellers figure out all the costs and fees associated with selling their products on Amazon, allowing them to define their strategy and optimise pricing in order to maximise costs. By looking into the data, sellers can read their customer’s minds and see what they are looking for. FBA sellers can either choose to lower their prices based on demand or increase prices if they notice higher popularity. This lets sellers maintain healthy growth while also not missing out on potential earnings.

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Increase Organic Search Performance

The ability for an Amazon seller to have their products seen on the Amazon Marketplace has become increasingly more difficult and important as the more and more sellers sign up to sell on Amazon and competition grows. Understanding which factors influence organic search visibility on the Amazon marketplace is important in solving this issue. You can optimize your listing using various features in KwickMetrics, one of best tools for amazon FBA sellers.

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Maximise Productivity

If you are new to selling on Amazon, there are a few things you need to know and KwickMetrics can be valuable in getting you started on your journey. If you want to start with a solid foundation, KwickMetrics features can help you lay the bricks while you are just beginning. By tracking business trends, you can quickly identify your business's growth and identify which of your products you should be focusing on. KwickMetrics allows sellers to spend more resources on the product rather than shipping, storage or handling. Amazon charges fees for various transactions and KwickMetrics will give you a detailed split-up of all the Amazon fees charged for their services.

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