Custom Reports - Slice and Dice your Data

Empower your business decisions with precision and flexibility using KwickMetrics' Custom Reports feature. Tailored specifically to suit your business needs, this tool offers a comprehensive overview of your sales, revenue, and product performance, allowing you to dive deep into your data. With the ability to customize reports based on product categories and specific metrics, you gain the insights necessary to fine-tune marketing strategies, manage inventory efficiently, and make informed decisions for scalable success.


Tailored Insights

Customize reports based on unique business needs, such as category-wise sales, product variations, or specific attributes. You can analyze data across various parameters, gaining insights into trends, customer preferences, and sales patterns. This tailored approach allows for a more focused analysis.

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Category Analysis

Dive into detailed category sales overviews, enabling a comprehensive understanding of sales performance within each category and also across categories, including sales units, revenue, and estimated net profit. This allows you to benchmark their performance against competitors.

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Data Grouping for Clarity

Group data based on specific criteria like design, color, size or any other distinguishing factor. The ability to slice and dice data facilitates easy visualization, offering clearer insights.

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Dynamic Reports for Business Evolution

Adaptable and Scalable Reports: As businesses evolve, custom reports offer adaptability. You can modify report configurations as your product lines expand or business strategies change.

Forecasting and Planning: By dissecting data into specific categories, sellers can forecast sales trends and plan future strategies accordingly. This aids in setting achievable business goals.

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Data-Driven Decision-Making

With custom reports, sellers rely on data-driven decisions. Analyzing metrics such as revenue, units sold, and profits across diverse categories empowers informed decision-making. By enabling slicing and dicing of data, sellers gain deeper insights into what's driving sales, facilitating more informed decisions on inventory management, pricing strategies, and product development.

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Precise Targeting to improve ROI

By segmenting data based on specific product attributes or categories, sellers can understand buying behavior, preferences, and trends specific to various product categories and hence you can better target your marketing efforts. This enables tailored campaigns for different customer segments, improving ROI.

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