Buyers are the pillars of your Business. KwickMetrics helps you to understand those pillars in 360 degrees from Sales to Returns. You can get complete history of buyers in your business and the products they are attracted to. KwickMetrics also categorises the buyers based on their number of Sales for your clear understanding of New and Repeat Buyers.


Info Cards

Every business has different types of customers or buyers and the important aspect for a successful business is to identify the types of buyers and their purchase behaviour.

So with this aspect, we have created info cards that display different types of buyers like New Buyer, Repeat Buyer, Unique Buyer and Repeat Buyer Rate.

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Top 5 Buyers

To give you the important details of most purchased buyers, we introduced a simple bar chart where you can see the top 5 buyers based on Units, Revenue and, Est. Net Profit.

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Buyer Segmentation

Difficulty in segmenting your buyers based on the orders?

Using KwickMetrics, you can view different segments of your buyers like who made only 1 order, 2 to 5 orders, 6 to 10 orders, 11 to 15 orders and, 16+ orders. All this information is under one simple pie chart.

Buyer Segmentation image

Buyer List and Filters

KwickMetrics makes your work interesting when searching for your business data. To make the search more smooth, we have implemented separate filters option to search the buyers you want.

You can filter buyers based on various criteria like Orders, Units, Revenue, Buyer Email, etc.

Need the same filter you searched previously? Yes, you can save a filter option and use it in the future for quick search also.

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Buyer Details

Get complete details of your buyer to understand the buyer value and loyalty. The buyer details page includes all details such as Total Orders, Total Units, Revenue, Est. Net Profit, Avg. Revenue Per Order, Prime Orders Count, Business Orders Count and Most Shipped location of the buyer.

Additional details like Top 5 Purchased and Returned Products of the selected buyer are also displayed in form of bar graphs.


Buyer Details image

Top 5 Purchased Products

To give you the important details of most purchased products we have included the feature that will give you the Top 5 purchased products of the buyers based on Units, Revenue, and Est. Net Profit.

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Top 5 Returned Products

Returned products are where you need to give more focus. Our KwickMetrics will help you in this case by providing the Top 5 Returned products of the buyers based on Units and Revenue.

Top 5 Returned Products image

Top Dispositional Status

Our KwickMetrics will give the dispositional status of the returned products by Sellable units, Damaged units, Defective Units. This feature helps you to segregate the sellable and non-sellable units of the returned products.

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