Amazon seller central reporting tool KwickMetrics saves time by removing the need to collect statistics from every category manually. It aims to answer questions such as which of your categories performed better, which of your products contributed to the majority of your sales during a sales quarter, which of your products are trending, and which design you should launch your products in. With the category-wise drill down report, KwickMetrics groups together all the Sales and Returns data of your products as defined in the Category Tree in hierachical order, or can be customised by the user. It also combines the data to generate Sales and Returns trends for each category in a detailed chart.


Sales and Returns Info

You can get your category's sales and returns details using the tabs provided in the top right corner.

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Sales Info Cards

All the Sales key indicators of your categories are displayed in info cards to view the essential details like Total Orders, Revenue, Units and Est. Net Profit.

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Returns Info Cards

All the Returns key indicators of your categories are displayed in the form of info cards, where you can view the necessary details like Returned Units, Revenue, Sellable Units, and Unsellable Units.

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Category Sales and Returns Overview

Using the category sales overview chart, you can see the visual representation of category-wise sales data of Orders, Units and Revenue in each subcategory for the selected period.

Category Sales and Returns Overview image

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Category List

KwickMetrics will display a list of all the subcategories for the selected period in the category table. It gives you basic details of the categories like Orders, Units, and revenue gained in the particular category. You can group the data however you want using custom grouping and filter the data using tags.

Category List image

Trends of a Category

Want to check the product's sales performance and returns behaviour in the category wise over the period? Understanding these vital data is essential for inventory management not to miss any sales due to low inventory or stock more than expected sales. Exporting by email or download option cuts down your unwanted time and enhances your productivity.

You can view the trends of the category over any specified duration to narrow down your search. You can also view the trends in tabular or line chart format for getting a quick and correct insight. And that’s not it, you can have a comparative view of how your business went on, using the custom option. This will ultimately help you to take your next move efficiently.

Trends of a Category image

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