Category Tree

Tired of organising and analysing sales and performance of a particular design, collection, category, colour or size of your products? Our “Category Tree” is there to help you out with it. You will be able to overcome all such challenges with our unique feature called “Category Tree” You can configure your customised internal inventory structure and drill down and see the performance based on it. This feature will help you in saving time as it allows you to organise all your products into different categories and maintain it in a hierarchical manner or as an additional feature, you would be able to group via your own custom column names according to your internal inventory structure. To help you in optimising your efficiency, we also provide you with the option to import your own category trees via csv files.

Unlimited Categories

You can create unlimited categories and link the products to it based on your internal inventory structure with Amazon seller central management software. Also get your customised reports of your sales and returns based on your category tree.

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User Friendly

Category Tree is a feature for Amazon seller central management software designed for your convenience of use. You can use different viewing modes such as Compact, Regular or Detail to view the products at your convenience. You can also sort the nodes in your category tree by using default sorting options or drag and drop categories to custom positions.You can also find your particular SKU quickly using the search option.

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Take your custom reporting to the next level by using tags in the category tree. Users can apply custom tags to each node in the category tree and use these tags to filter data in the sales order report and returns report.

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Custom Import

Creating elaborate and detailed custom category trees may be time consuming if you have a large warehouse of different products. So to save you time, you can import your own category tree structure by uploading your data file in CSV format for each root category.

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