Expenses Management

Keeping track of the monthly, annual and one-expenses in your business is easier than ever. The Expense Management feature in KwickMetrics will represent your expenses in terms of a detailed estimated net profit, helping you take the next steps in furthering your business.


Automated Expenses

Following your preferences, the feature of automated expenses will count your monthly and annual costs regularly. This feature will aid you in not missing any of your business expenses and saving valuable time.

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This nifty feature in KwickMetrics filters expenses based on the current month, last month, current year, previous year, lifetime and custom dates. The expense data will be displayed based on your selected filters. These details can further be filtered based on monthly, yearly, one time and all.

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Product or Category Level

To make sure that you have a clear hierarchical breakdown of your expenses, you can add expenses across the board at either a product level or category level.

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