Amazon Sales Order Tracker

Get all your sales details from purchased date to estimated net profit in multiple marketplaces with historical comparison to understand your business profit and loss at different periods with an interactive graphical representation, with our Amazon best selling tool.


Info Cards

All of your Amazon sales data is displayed in the form of info cards, where you can view important details such as Total Orders, Shipped Orders, Pending Orders, Units, Revenue, and Est. Net Profit.

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Comparison Chart

Taking important decisions based on your sales is now very easy using KwickMetrics. We provide a detailed sales comparison chart to compare your Orders, Units, or Revenue wise sales with the selected and previous periods, which makes KwickMetrics the best Amazon sales tracker.

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Orders List and Filters

Amazon best selling tool KwickMetrics makes analysing your data a breeze! To make searching as smooth as possible, we have implemented a different filter option to search for the orders you want.

You can filter orders based on various criteria such as Units, Revenue, Channel Order ID, Payment Method, and SKU.

Need the same filter you used previously to track Amazon product sales? You can also save a previously used filter option and use it in the future with Amazon sales estimator tool KwickMetrics.


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Order Details

View all of the details of the order, such as Order Summary, Buyer Details, Products, and Net profit split-ups in the same place. You can also check your item and order-level estimated net profits.

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Take your Amazon sales to the next level with KwickMetrics.

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