Essential Profit Analytics: KwickMetrics tool for Amazon Sellers

Updated on : April 11, 2024
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Essential Profit Analytics: KwickMetrics tool for Amazon Sellers

More entrepreneurs and individuals use Amazon's enormous potential and broad reach daily for their online companies. In the year 2019, Statista conducted research revealing there are more than 1.1 million active vendors on the American Amazon Marketplace. 


In light of this, suppliers must look up reviews of the software they use to sell products on Amazon. And one such very helpful tool or software solution is the Amazon Profit App, which is crucial for determining whether or not your Amazon Business is bringing in money.  


The Amazon profit app offers analytical tools for sellers who wish to stay on top of their company finances. A profit tool that enables you to keep track of your performance measures and profitability without needing to spend hours sifting through complicated reports 


Using the tool, you may view statistics for any date range you want, which displays crucial parameters like expected profit, gross revenue, return on capital, ROI, ad spend, and the number of units sold. With the help of the profitability tool, you may gain access to precise data and base your company decisions on it.  

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Accurate Profit Analytics For Amazon Sellers Essential For Business  


Actual dashboard: how specific information about your fixed costs, such as your virtual assistant and prep center, as well as Amazon fees like the FBA fee, commissions, PPC spend, return charges, and marketing expenditures. Additionally, you can view by product and by time period (today, yesterday, or month). 


Customizable charts: Our adaptable charts make it simple and quick to analyze your key performance indicators. KPIs like sales, units, profit, return costs, etc., and the period and output granularity, like last year by month and last month by day, are all fully adjustable. The view can be narrowed down by product or marketplace and even multi-selection.  


Table of profit and loss: A clever, interactive P&L statement allows you to zoom in on any parameter (like Amazon fees) for any given time period. You can choose the period and level of detail for the data, such as last year by month, last month by day, marketplaces or goods, and you can view the products sold within any chosen time range. Business intelligence for Amazon merchants that is accurate! 

A detailed list of all Amazon fees: There are several dozen fees associated with Amazon, which is a lot to remember. The good news is that we meticulously track all costs and reimbursements, including labeling fees, long-term storage fees, inbound shipments, remissions, and storage fees.  


Product breakdown: Exact information about any product for any time or market. 


View the actual sales, profit, fees, and costs associated with each product, such as COGS, return charges, PPC, and VAT tax, by any period. 


Tracking of your other spending and fixed costs: All data about Amazon is automatically retrieved by the Amazon Profit App. Expenses can be one-time, such as a photo shoot or packaging design fee, or recurring, such as a monthly fee. The use of software tools, a virtual assistant, managing a warehouse, and other charges are all tracked.  


Trends: The trends tool in Amazon Profit App enables you to monitor all crucial KPIs for every product and ensure that there isn't a downward trend. Examples of such KPIs are BSR, sales, returns, and profit. The seller should act if any of these have recently worsened, such as lowering prices, checking the quality, running advertisements, etc. 


The Amazon Profit App is worth the purchase because it features everything you need to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace.

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