Sellerboard Alternative: Why Choose KwickMetrics for Amazon Sellers

Updated on : May 20, 2024
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Sellerboard Alternative: Why Choose KwickMetrics for Amazon Sellers

If you are an Amazon seller, you know how important it is to have a reliable and accurate tool to track your sales, profits, expenses, inventory, PPC campaigns, Amazon, and more. You also know how challenging it can be to find the best tool that suits your needs and preferences. 

Sellerboard is one of the popular Amazon analytics tools that many sellers use to monitor and optimize their Amazon business. It offers features like Profit dashboard, listing change alerts, refunds for lost inventory, users and rights management, and review requests. 

However, Sellerboard is not the only option available for Amazon sellers. Other tools offer similar or even better features and services that can help you grow your Amazon business with data-driven insights and solutions. 

One of these tools is KwickMetrics, a comprehensive and user-friendly Amazon analytics tools for sellers of all levels. It helps sellers centralize their data, gain actionable insights, claim reimbursement, and make informed business decisions with their all-in-one dashboard. 

In this blog post, we will see Sellerboard and KwickMetrics in terms of their features, benefits, pricing, ease of use, customer support, and more. We will also explain why you might want to consider KwickMetrics as a Sellerboard alternative and how it can help you achieve your Amazon goals.

What do Amazon Sellers Require?

Amazon sellers operate in a highly competitive environment where data-driven decision-making is crucial for success. They require tools that offer insightful analytics, accurate financial reporting, inventory management, Amazon Reimbursement management, and performance tracking. These elements empower sellers to optimize their strategies, enhance profitability, and maintain a competitive edge amidst the dynamic landscape of e-commerce. 

Sellerboard Services and KwickMetrics Services


Sellerboard is a comprehensive profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers. It provides detailed insights into sales, expenses, profits, and other key metrics essential for business growth. 


KwickMetrics is another robust platform tailored to the needs of Amazon sellers. It offers advanced analytics. KwickMetrics focuses on simplifying complex data and providing actionable insights to help sellers maximize their Amazon business potential. 

Features Comparison
Features Sellerboard KwickMetrics
Business dashboards
Advanced Profit and Loss analysis
Amazon ads analytics
Amazon Reimbursement management tool
Amazon Reimbursement service
Feedback and review automation
In-depth sales analytics
In-depth return analytics
Buyer Insights
Custom reports
Inventory management
Listing change alerts
User and right management

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

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Why Amazon Sellers Need a Sellerboard Alternative

Sellerboard is a great tool for Amazon sellers who want to track Accurate profit analytics However, some sellers may want to consider alternatives to Sellerboard for various reasons, such as: 

1. Diverse Needs and Preferences

Different sellers have varying requirements and preferences when it comes to analytics and management tools. While Sellerboard may suit some sellers, others may find that it doesn’t fully meet their needs or align with their preferences. 

2. Desire for Advanced Features

As the landscape of e-commerce evolves, sellers often seek more advanced features and functionalities to stay competitive. Sellerboard may lack certain features that sellers require for enhanced user needs. 

3. Flexibility in Pricing and Plans

Sellers may be looking for flexible pricing plans that accommodate their budget and business size. While Sellerboard offers pricing plans, the cost may not align with the value or features offered, prompting sellers to explore alternatives like KwickMetrics. 

4. Need for Better Customer Support

Prompt and effective customer support is essential for resolving issues and maximizing the utility of analytics tools. Sellers who encounter challenges with customer support or find it lacking may seek alternatives that offer superior customer service and assistance. 

5. Search for Comprehensive Solutions

Amazon sellers often require comprehensive solutions that offer a wide range of features to manage various aspects of their business effectively, due to the lack of certain functionalities or integration capabilities, sellers may explore alternatives like KwickMetrics that provide a more holistic approach to Amazon business management. 

6. Long-term Scalability and Innovation

Sellers need tools that can grow and evolve with their businesses, offering scalability and innovation to meet changing needs and market dynamics. In this case sellers may seek alternatives like KwickMetrics that offer continuous innovation and adaptability to emerging trends and challenges in e-commerce. 

Key Takeaway:

The need for a Sellerboard alternative arises from Amazon sellers’ diverse needs, preferences for advanced features, flexibility in pricing, desire for better customer support, search for comprehensive solutions, and the quest for long-term scalability and innovation. Exploring alternatives like KwickMetrics can empower sellers to optimize their Amazon businesses with tailored solutions that meet their evolving requirements and drive sustainable growth.


How Does KwickMetrics Solve These Problems as a Sellerboard Alternative?

KwickMetrics presents a comprehensive and user-friendly Amazon analytics solution suitable for sellers across all proficiency levels. With its all-in-one dashboard, KwickMetrics enables sellers to centralize their data, derive actionable insights, and execute informed business decisions effectively. 

1. All-in-one Amazon Business Dashboard

  • KwickMetrics consolidates all critical Amazon sales insights into one centralized platform. 
  • Users gain immediate access to comprehensive analytics covering sales, returns, Amazon reimbursement, and key performance indicators. 
  • This simplifies data interpretation, streamlines operations, and allows for prompt, strategic actions, making it easier to manage your Amazon business effectively, user-friendly interface. 

2. Advanced Profit and Loss Analysis

  • KwickMetrics offers sophisticated tools for in-depth profit and loss analysis on Amazon. 
  • Sellers gain detailed insights into revenue, expenses, fees, and profitability metrics like gross and net profits. 
  • This enables data-driven decisions for optimizing sales strategies, managing costs, and maximizing overall profitability on Amazon. 

3. Amazon Ads Analytics

  • KwickMetrics provides strategic data and tools to optimize and refine advertising strategies on Amazon. 
  • The Ads Analytics feature offers precise insights for a more efficient, targeted, and lucrative approach to Amazon advertising. 
  • Sellers can leverage these insights to drive substantial business growth through more effective advertising campaigns. 

4. Reimbursement Management Service

  • KwickMetrics offers a comprehensive Amazon Reimbursement Management’ feature to efficiently manage reimbursement. 
  • The tool meticulously sifts through transactional data, identifying and streamlining eligible reimbursement seamlessly. 
  • This automation ensures that no potential reimbursement slips through the cracks, empowering sellers to reclaim funds effectively and optimize profitability on Amazon. 

5. Feedback and Review Automation

  • KwickMetrics simplifies feedback and review management by automating feedback requests and consolidating valuable metrics into actionable insights. 
  • Sellers can cultivate a positive seller reputation, drive increased sales, and identify opportunities for product enhancement through timely feedback management. 

6. Amazon Sales Analytics

  • The Sales Analytics feature provides instrumental sales order reports for inventory optimization and business enhancement. 
  • Sellers can efficiently optimize pricing, manage inventory levels, run Ads campaigns, minimize storage costs, and maximize profits within the Amazon marketplace. 

7. Returns Report

  • KwickMetrics offers a detailed Returns Report that sheds light on reasons behind returns, condition of returned items, and customer behavior patterns. 
  • Sellers can leverage this report to improve inventory management, customer service, and product development strategies. 

8. Buyer Insights & Reports

  • The Buyer Reports feature enables sellers to dive deep into customer behavior patterns, repeat purchases, and segmented buyer data. 
  • Sellers can use these insights to drive strategic decisions, foster lasting customer relationships, tailor marketing strategies, and optimize inventory. 

9. Custom Reports

  • KwickMetrics Custom Reports feature empowers sellers with precision and flexibility in business decisions. 
  • Tailored specifically to suit business needs, this tool offers a comprehensive overview of sales, revenue, and product performance. 
  • Sellers can customize reports based on product categories and specific metrics to fine-tune marketing strategies, inventory management efficiently, and make informed decisions for scalable success. 

Key Takeaway:

KwickMetrics emerges as a superior choice for sellers who prioritize advanced features and a seamless user experience. By leveraging KwickMetrics comprehensive analytics and robust functionality, sellers can streamline their operations, maximize profitability, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of Amazon selling.


Advantages of Choosing KwickMetrics Over Sellerboard

Advantages Sellerboard KwickMetrics
Demo Account
Free Trial Period
24/7 Chat Bot
Mobile app

1. Mobile App Accessibility

  • KwickMetrics offers a mobile app for Android and iOS, providing convenience and flexibility for sellers to monitor their Amazon business on the go. 
  • Sellers can track sales, receive custom notifications in real time, and access an intuitive dashboard containing all essential metrics and financial split-ups. 
  • The app saves time and offers a seamless experience, eliminating the need to carry around a laptop while traveling or away from the desk. 

2. 24/7 Customer Service

  • KwickMetrics offers around-the-clock customer service with positive reviews from users. 
  • Quick and accurate responses ensure customer satisfaction and effective resolution of issues. 

3. Flexible Pricing Plans

  • KwickMetrics provides flexible pricing plans accessible to sellers of all sizes, offering excellent value for money. 
  • This flexibility makes it easier for sellers to choose a plan that aligns with their budget and business needs. 

4. Multiple Marketplace Support

  • KwickMetrics supports integration with all popular regional Marketplaces, making it versatile for sellers operating across different platforms. 
  • Sellers can manage their Amazon business efficiently while also expanding into other marketplaces seamlessly. 

5. Security and Privacy

  • KwickMetrics ensures reliable data security and privacy for information retrieval in Amazon warehouse software. 
  • Sellers can trust that their sensitive data is protected, fostering peace of mind and confidence in using the platform. 

6. Innovation and User Feedback

  • KwickMetrics continuously innovates based on user feedback, offering unique solutions to solve every issue an Amazon seller might encounter. 
  • The platform evolves to meet the changing needs and challenges of Amazon sellers, staying ahead of the curve in terms of features and functionality. 

Key Takeaway:

By choosing KwickMetrics, sellers can benefit from superior customer service, flexible pricing, support for multiple marketplaces, enhanced security, innovative solutions driven by user feedback, and the convenience of a mobile app for efficient business management.


How KwickMetrics Works for Amazon Sellers

KwickMetrics offers comprehensive and user-friendly Amazon analytics tools for sellers of all levels. It helps sellers centralize their data, gain actionable insights, and make informed business decisions with their all-in-one dashboard. First, you need to sign up for a free trial or a paid plan or you can also use their demo account to explore their features without connecting your Amazon account. 

1. Sign Up your account into KwickMetrics 

2. After the initial setup, fill out essential details such as the Base currency and Marketplace integration and connect your Seller Central account. Once the synchronization process is complete, you’ll have access to your data. 

3. Integrate Amazon ads, update the cost of goods sold (COGS), and create category trees to further enhance your analytics and management capabilities within KwickMetrics. 

4. Once the synchronization process is completed, then you can be able to go through the KwickMetrics dashboard completely. You can filter the report by marketplace, date range, product, category, or order status. You can also sort the report by various metrics, such as order ID, order date, order status, product name, SKU, and ASIN. 

5. You can view the report in a table format or a chart format. You can also export the report to CSV, PDF, or Excel files. 

6. You can use the report to optimize your Amazon business, forecast market demand, maximize your revenue, and reduce your costs.  

KwickMetrics is a powerful and reliable tool that can help you grow your Amazon business with data-driven insights and solutions.  

Discover more about KwickMetrics by using our demo account

FAQs related to Sellerboard and KwickMetrics

Q. What features does KwickMetrics offer? 

A. Business dashboard, Advanced profit and loss analysis, Amazon ads analytics, Amazon reimbursement management service, Feedback and review automation, In-Depth sales analytics, In-depth return analytics, Buyer Insights, and Custom reports. 

Q. What features does Sellerboard offer? 

A. Profit analytics, Inventory management, Review requests, PPC optimization, Listing change alerts, Refunds for lost inventory, and User and right management 

Q. Is KwickMetrics suitable for sellers of all sizes? 

A. Yes, KwickMetrics caters to sellers of all sizes, from individual entrepreneurs to established businesses. Its flexible pricing plans and scalable features make it accessible and adaptable to the evolving needs of sellers at every stage of their Amazon journey. 

Q. Is KwickMetrics suitable for sellers transitioning from Sellerboard? 

A. Absolutely, KwickMetrics offers a seamless transition experience for sellers looking to switch from Sellerboard. With its similar core functionalities and additional advanced features, KwickMetrics provides a familiar yet enhanced platform for sellers to optimize their Amazon businesses. 


In the competitive landscape of Amazon selling, choosing the right analytics and management platform is paramount to success. While Sellerboard has been a choice for many sellers, KwickMetrics emerges as a compelling alternative, offering advanced features, flexible pricing, scalability, and comprehensive analytics capabilities. By opting for KwickMetrics, Amazon sellers can unlock new levels of efficiency, profitability, and strategic control over their businesses, positioning themselves for sustained growth and success in the ever-evolving e-commerce ecosystem. 

If you are interested in trying KwickMetrics, you can sign up.

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