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Reimbursement is the process of collecting money back from Amazon for multiple reasons. Amazon proceeds with reimbursing inventory only when sellers file a claim for it. We help you find FBA errors and display cases that are eligible for claiming reimbursement, such as when your inventories could have gotten lost or damaged in Amazon’s warehouses, unattended claims due to FBA errors, or unclaimed reimbursements. KwickMetrics automatically generates reports that you can include as part of your claim when contacting Amazon’s Seller Central. You can also use filters according to marketplace region.



As a KwickMetrics user, you can view the amount of lost inventory, unclaimed reimbursement for lost inventory, damaged inventory, and unclaimed reimbursement for damaged inventory. To help you make the right decision, the tabular view of the lost and damaged entities gives you information such as the number of lost units, found units, unclaimed reimbursement units, unclaimed reimbursement amount, number of reimbursed units, reimbursed amount, and the number of damaged units. Using this data, you can download a CSV file and attach it along with your claim when contacting Amazon’s Seller Central.

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Case Reports

Are you done with filing for your reimbursements with Amazon? We are here to track the progression of your claim and keep you updated about it. The case tracker page will give you the complete details about the cases you have applied for claiming the reimbursement and will keep you informed about its status. The details about the total number of cases, including open and closed cases, and additional particulars like case IDs and SKUs can be added to the case reports. You can use this feature to track cases that have not been resolved for a long time, and recheck with Amazon for the same.

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