Amazon Marketing Cloud: Simplifying Advertising Success

Updated on : April 9, 2024
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Amazon Marketing Cloud: Simplifying Advertising Success

For e-commerce brand owners and Amazon advertisers, the primary goal is to boost awareness and drive sales. However, with the changing landscape of consumer behavior and the fading relevance of third-party cookies, advertisers worldwide are grappling with fundamental questions. Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) emerges as the solution, offering advertisers detailed aggregated data solutions. In this guide, we’ll explore what Amazon Marketing Cloud is, its operational dynamics, the registration process, minimum usage requirements, and ways advertisers can harness its potential for informed decision-making.

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?

In the contemporary digital age, data is the key element. Advertisers have traditionally gauged the success of cross-channel campaigns through web cookies. But as browsers started blocking third-party cookies, measuring conversions across multiple channels became a challenge. In response, Amazon introduced the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) in 2021. This secure, privacy-centric, cloud-based solution allows advertisers to seamlessly conduct analytics across various channels. The AMC report merges Amazon Ad Campaign data with advertisers’ data sets, providing a holistic view of campaign performance.

How Amazon Marketing Cloud Operates?

Amazon Marketing Cloud prioritizes end-users’ privacy by not displaying user-level data. Instead, it groups the actions of 100 unique users and presents advertisers with aggregated data. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of customer journeys while safeguarding private data. AMC provides deeper insights into audience behavior, enabling the measurement of full-funnel marketing strategies. Advertisers can manage their advertising budgets effectively with the help of a dedicated guide.

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How Can You Maximize Benefits with Amazon Marketing Cloud?

The wealth of data available through AMC can be overwhelming. To wield its power effectively, advertisers are advised to start with a specific business goal or identified problem and work backward to derive solutions through AMC insights. For instance, a fashion retailer planning a summer clothing line launch on Amazon can leverage AMC to access granular demographic data, most-searched keywords, and buying behavior. This information can inform a data-driven product launch strategy.

Strategic Insights Unlocked by Amazon Marketing Cloud

  1. Audience Segmentation Mastery: Unearth and segment audiences based on behavior, preferences, and interests.
  2. Mapping Customer Journeys: Gain deep insights into the customer’s journey from awareness to conversion, empowering data-driven advertising strategies.
  3. Optimizing Media-Mix Dynamics: Evaluate the effectiveness of diverse advertising channels, including DSP and Sponsored Ads, to fine-tune your media mix.
  4. Cracking the Purchase Behavior Code: Identify triggers influencing customer purchases, refining your understanding of consumer behavior.
  5.  Full-Funnel Advertising Analysis Beyond Amazon DSP: Measure the impact of advertising efforts across the entire funnel, spanning awareness to conversion across diverse channels.
  6. Analyzing Audience Reach: Evaluate the reach of distinct Sponsored Brand campaigns for precision in audience targeting.
  7. Decoding Ad-Attributed Conversions: Analyze overall brand purchases and sales attributed to Sponsored Brands ads, providing a comprehensive performance snapshot.
  8. Keyword Excellence: Identify high-performing keywords for Sponsored Brand ads, enhancing your overall keyword strategy.
  9. Path to Conversion Clarity: Understand the role and performance of Sponsored Brand ads in the customer journey, refining your advertising strategy.

It’s important to note that while advertisers can initially view advertising data for the past 28 days, the data is stored in AWS for up to a year. Amazon Marketing Cloud has recently integrated with Sponsored Brands, offering benefits like audience reach analysis and ad-attributed conversions.

Strategically leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud empowers advertisers to sift through the data clutter, extract actionable insights, and propel advertising campaigns to new heights in the fiercely competitive realm of e-commerce.

Registering with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Advertisers meeting the requirements for Amazon Marketing Cloud can initiate the application process. By visiting the dedicated page, selecting their country, filling out the contact form, and submitting it, advertisers take the initial steps. The Amazon Marketing Cloud team’s account manager will then contact the advertiser to set up their AMC account, a process typically taking three to five business days.

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Minimum Requirements for Amazon Marketing Cloud Usage

While a potent tool, Amazon Marketing Cloud is not universally accessible. Advertisers need an Amazon DSP account to qualify. The minimum requirements include an executed Amazon DSP Master Service Agreement, planned or run campaigns on DSP in the past 28 days, familiarity with SQL database language for AMC database queries, and an AWS account. AMC is available in 17 global marketplaces.

Maximizing Amazon Marketing Cloud for Advertisers

Now that we have a grasp of how Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) operates, let’s explore practical strategies that advertisers can implement today to elevate their advertising endeavors:

1. Amplify Audience Reach:

  • Utilize AMC to evaluate the overall exposure of your brand’s ads across distinct stages of the marketing funnel – from building awareness to fostering consideration and driving conversion.
  • Analyze the impact of advertising efforts on diverse audience segments, allowing for strategic refinement to maximize outreach.
  • Craft custom audience segments based on specific criteria, such as purchase history, browsing behavior, product preferences, and loyalty status, to enhance targeting precision.

2. Gain New-to-Brand Insights:

  • Leverage AMC to gain valuable insights into the behavior of new-to-brand customers for both Sponsored Products and DSP campaigns.
  • Illustration: Uncover hidden potential by identifying that a seemingly low ROAS in a Sponsored Product campaign is largely driven by a substantial 70% of sales from new-to-brand customers.

3. Decode Gateway ASINs:

  • Employ AMC to pinpoint the ASINs that serve as “gateway products” – the initial purchases made by customers from your brand.
  • Strategically allocate advertising budgets to these gateway ASINs to maximize new-to-brand sales and capture a larger market share.

4. Identify Prime Amazon DMAs (Designated Market Areas):

  • Leverage AMC to identify the designated market areas where your products consistently garner the highest number of repeat purchases from new-to-brand customers.
  • Launch targeted Amazon DSP campaigns in these regions to broaden your reach, attract more new-to-brand customers, and optimize ROAS.

5. Transparent Conversion Rate Analysis:

  • Harness AMC for a transparent analysis of how different ad campaigns influence conversion rates, leveraging custom attribution models.
  • For instance, discover that a combined strategy of Product Targeting ads and Sponsored Display ads leads to a notably higher conversion rate, shaping a more comprehensive and effective ad strategy.

Implementation Insights:

  • Regularly analyze data within AMC to stay agile and adapt strategies promptly in response to shifting consumer behaviors.
  • Take advantage of custom attribution models within AMC to gain a deeper understanding of the genuine impact of various ad campaigns on conversion rates.

By strategically incorporating Amazon Marketing Cloud into their advertising arsenal, advertisers can move beyond traditional metrics, gaining nuanced insights that foster success in the ever-evolving and competitive realm of online retail.

Key Takeaway:

Cross-channel Campaign Optimization: Advertisers can optimize advertising efforts across various channels beyond Amazon DSP, enhancing full-funnel marketing strategies for improved campaign performance.

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FAQs In relation to Amazon Marketing Cloud

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)?

AMC is a secure, cloud-based solution providing aggregated data for comprehensive campaign performance analysis.

How does Amazon Marketing Cloud prioritize user privacy?

AMC aggregates data from 100 users, safeguarding individual privacy while offering comprehensive insights for advertisers.

What are the minimum requirements for accessing Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Advertisers need an Amazon DSP account, familiarity with SQL, and an executed Master Service Agreement.

Can Amazon Marketing Cloud integrate with other advertising channels?

Yes, AMC offers insights across diverse channels beyond Amazon DSP for full-funnel advertising analysis.

How can advertisers maximize benefits with Amazon Marketing Cloud?

By starting with specific business goals, advertisers can leverage AMC insights for informed decision-making and strategic refinement.


In the dynamic e-commerce advertising landscape, Amazon Marketing Cloud emerges as a vital tool for advertisers seeking a comprehensive understanding of their campaigns’ performance. By navigating the intricacies of data analysis, advertisers can make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and achieve optimal results in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

To conclude, Amazon Marketing Cloud empowers advertisers to move beyond traditional metrics and delve into nuanced insights, fostering success in the competitive realm of online retail.

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