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In the era of digitalisation, advertisement is a key player that will help you enhance the reach of your products in the market. Advertising is very useful as it ensures quality and a brand-safe environment that advertisers look for. Advertising also reduces the sales cycle, improves sales history & product visibility, brand awareness, helps in gaining valuable insights on changing consumer habits and enhances the campaigns organised. This helps in making the perfect reach towards the targeted audience. Advertising also includes Product Display Ads, Amazon Native Ads, and Sponsored Products.



Our Amazon advertisement Module strengthens your market presence with handy tools like Pay Per click (PPAs), keyword-targeted display ads for individual products. Showing videos of the brands, showcasing sponsored displays, Headlines Searched Ads (HSAs) in finance split-up, spreading out the PL table and configuration charts, etc., helps you build the right market reach you are aiming for. The link leads to the product details listing page, which shows how effectively appearance impacts search results and the product’s details page.

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By showing the percentage of Advertising and the Cost of Sale’s percentage in the dashboard, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of a concerned Amazon’s Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC). This data is derived by dividing the total advertisement costs by total sales cost and multiplying by 100 for obtaining the percentage. In simple terms, this tool will give you an insight into how much you are spending to generate revenue from the amount you paid for developing/enhancing your presence.

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