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The Product page gives you the complete, yet simplified details about all the products that you have. Users can get an accurate insight of the product details by being able to view a product’s details, import and export the concerned product’s data, use filters to narrow down the search boundaries and much more.


Product Information

We believe in providing the best quality of readability and not just overwhelm you with bulk information. We provide you with product details such as the product name, Stock Keeping Units (SKU) for easy tracking, Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), which is used for a quick product identification by Amazon and the details about the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), irrespective of these being linked under a category.

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Import and Export Data

Valuing Your Time Is Our Priority. Apart from entering the details about a product manually and individually, you can also feed in the details by importing COGS and Threshold price together and export COGS in CSV format. A sample of the CSV file is provided to the user to ensure the process of correct formatting. You can upload a maximum of 5000 SKUs at a time in CSV or XLXS formats.

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Cut down the extras and filter your search so you get exactly the data you are looking for. You can use filters on the basis of a product’s status being active or inactive, check whether or not the details of the product need to be updated for proceeding with the sale and/or are incomplete, where some of the details about the concerned products are yet to be added.

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