Like sales, returns are also equally important. It provides answers for all your Wh questions like, What is returned? When it is returned? Why it is returned? and How many returned? at different time period and marketplaces. It also helps you with identifying sellable and unsellable units, costs, quantities of non performing products to focus more on them.


Info Cards

All the key indicators of your returns are displayed in the form of info cards, where you can view the important details like Returned Units, Revenue, Sellable Units, and Unsellable Units.

Info Cards image

Comparison Chart

Want to know how many units returned when compared to the previous time period? That is very easy as we created a comparison overview chart for you to get the details of the returned units based on Units and Revenue, in a neat and simple line chart.

Comparison Chart image

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Top 5 Details for Returns

To give you the important details of most returned units from buyers, we introduced the top 5 charts for Returned SKUs, Disposition Status, and Reasons for Returns.

With the help of these different charts, you can know the details of the Top returned products to take important business decisions easily. Also with the help of Top 5 disposition status and reasons, you can identify the preference of buyers towards your products.

Top 5 Details for Returns image

Returns List and Filters

KwickMetrics makes your work interesting when searching for your business data. To make the search more smooth, we have implemented separate filters option to search the returned SKUs you want.

You can filter returned units based on various criteria like Revenue, Channel Order ID, SKU, Disposition status, etc.

Need the same filter you searched previously? Yes, you can save a filter option and use it in the future for quick search also.

Returns List and Filters image

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