How to get the most out of Your 14-Day Free Trial

Updated on : May 23, 2024
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How to get the most out of 14-Day Free Trial

We extend our warmest welcome to you as you embark on your journey with KwickMetrics! While we’re not the only tool out there, we’ve found that most users leverage KwickMetrics specifically for reimbursement management and helping to calculate real profitability. In order for you to make a decision that this is a tool worth investing in for your business, it’s critical to optimize your trial experience. 

Why does KwickMetrics Offer a 14-Day Free Trial? 

We offer a 14-day free trial because we understand the importance of finding the right fit for your business. This trial period allows you to explore our platform at your convenience, without any financial commitment. Take the time to delve into our features, analyze your data, and discover how KwickMetrics can drive growth and efficiency for your e-commerce operations.

What can I and what can’t I do during the free trial? 

During the 14-day free trial you will have all the benefits of our Professional plan which will allow you to explore KwickMetrics without any restrictions.

You can get to know how much unclaimed reimbursement is there in your account during trial period. However, please note that claiming any reimbursement amounts is not possible during the trial.

The key benefits of 14-day free Trial Plan on KwickMetrics includes:

  • Sync data in real-time 
  • Access sales analytics for up to 6,000 monthly orders 
  • Use the business dashboard and profit & loss reports 
  • Track ads performance and reimbursements 
  • Manage up to 2 seller accounts and generate inbuilt reports 
  • Set up unlimited business alerts 
  • Access the mobile apps for iOS and Android 
  • Utilize review and feedback automation with up to 4 email campaigns 
  • Receive priority live chat support 

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How to get the most out of your 14-Day Free Trial?

Step 1: Complete the onboarding steps

In order to see an accurate reflection of your profitability and unclaimed reimbursement amount, follow these five essential steps:

  1. Select Base Currency: Choose the currency that matches your primary marketplace to ensure accurate financial insights right from the start. 
  1. Integrate Marketplaces: Connect all your Amazon/Walmart marketplaces to import data seamlessly and gain comprehensive visibility into your sales performance across regions. 
  1. Integrate Amazon Ads: Unlock valuable advertising metrics by integrating your Amazon Ads account, allowing you to track campaign performance and optimize ad spending effectively. Note: Walmart ads support will be added by June 2024.  
  1. Update COGS: Keep your cost of goods sold (COGS) up to date to ensure accurate profit calculations. 
  1. Create Category Tree: Organize your product catalog by creating a category tree, especially beneficial for sellers with a large inventory, enabling easier navigation and analysis during your trial period. 

Account Setup Checklist – For a comprehensive guide to complete your account setup efficiently, ensuring you gain access to all the benefits offered by KwickMetrics, refer to our detailed checklist

Step 2: Create Business Alerts

Utilize business alerts to stay informed about important events and trends in your e-commerce operations. Set up alerts for various scenarios, such as low-selling products, inventory shortages, or sudden spikes in sales. This proactive approach allows you to address issues promptly and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.  

Step 3: Track Offline Expenses

Expand your expense tracking capabilities beyond online transactions by adding offline expenses to your records. Whether it’s employee reimbursements, travel expenses, or office supplies, integrating offline expenses into your accounting system provides a comprehensive view of your financial health and ensures accurate budgeting and reporting.  

Step 4: Enable Product Reviews and Seller Feedback

Enhance customer engagement and reputation management by enabling automated product reviews and seller feedback.

How much time will it take to sync my data and how can I check the progress?

The time required to sync your data depends on several factors, such as the volume of data, API throttle limits, and Amazon’s restrictions. 

For instance, if you handle around 10,000 orders monthly, the sync process might take up to 2 days due to Amazon’s throttling limitations. If you have integrations with other tools, this could also add some delay. However, syncing your advertising data usually takes less time—typically between 8 hours to 24 hours. 

To monitor the progress of your data sync, you can visit the integration details page within KwickMetrics. This page provides real-time updates on the sync status and any potential issues. 

Explore Our Features!

How and what data will we be syncing from the Amazon and Walmart marketplaces?

We sync various types of data from Amazon and Walmart to provide you with comprehensive insights and reports. Without bringing this information into KwickMetrics, we cannot give you a real profitability report.  Primarily, we sync:  

  • Products: Information about the products you sell, including details such as titles, descriptions, prices, and images. 
  • Orders: Details of all orders placed by customers, including order ID, products purchased, quantities, order status, etc. 
  • Returns: Information on product returns initiated by customers, including return reasons, return statuses, and any associated refund or replacement processes. 
  • Payments: Details of all your financial transactions with Amazon to provide accurate P&L 

We perform these syncs at different frequency to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information from your Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. 

How and what data will we be syncing from ads?

We sync various types of data from your advertising accountto provide you with comprehensive insights and analytics. Specifically, we sync: 

  • Ads Spend: Information on the amount of money spent on your advertising campaigns, broken down by campaign, ad group, or individual ad. 
  • Keywords Data: Details of the keywords used in your advertising campaigns, including performance metrics such as clicks, impressions, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates. 
  • Campaigns: Information about your advertising campaigns, including campaign names, objectives, budgets, targeting settings, and performance metrics. 
  • Impressions: The number of times your ads were displayed to users on the advertising platform. 
  • Clicks: The number of times users clicked on your ads, directing them to your website or landing page. 

We perform these syncs daily, with a one-day delay, to ensure you have access to the most recent performance data from your advertising campaigns. This allows you to analyze campaign effectiveness, optimize ad spend, and make informed decisions to maximize your advertising ROI. 

How does KwickMetrics keep your data safe?

At KwickMetrics, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. When you integrate your Amazon/Walmart account with KwickMetrics, rest assured that your data remains safe and secure. We implement robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. Our platform adheres to industry-leading security standards and protocols to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. 

  • Authorized Tool Provider: KwickMetrics is an authorized tool provider for Amazon and Walmart sellers. As an authorized solution, we comply with the policies and guidelines of both Amazon and Walmart, ensuring that our platform delivers accurate, reliable, and compliant functionality to our users. 
  • Separate Database: To enhance data security and integrity, we employ a separate database architecture for each user on our platform. This means that your data is logically isolated from other users’ data, minimizing the risk of data leakage or unauthorized access. By maintaining separate databases, we ensure that your data remains confidential, accessible only to authorized users with the appropriate permissions. 
  • AWS Cloud: We leverage the robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to host and store your data securely. AWS offers industry-leading cloud services with advanced security features, data encryption, and compliance certifications. Your data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers, protected by physical and logical security measures to safeguard against data breaches and unauthorized access. 

When does it make sense to upgrade to a paid version?

Deciding when to upgrade to a paid version depends on your specific needs and goals. If you find that the benefit we add to your business meet your requirements and enhance your workflow significantly, it may be time to consider upgrading. However, if you’re not utilizing the trial features fully or if they don’t align with your business objectives, it might not make sense to upgrade just yet. 

Reimbursement Claims and Trial Accounts

It’s important to note that reimbursement claims cannot be processed with a trial account. A trial account allows for a successful account audit, which helps identify eligible reimbursement amounts. If you have unclaimed reimbursements waiting to be claimed, this could indicate that upgrading to a paid plan and subscribing to our reimbursement service would be beneficial. Additionally, understanding the pricing structure, including reimbursement commissions is crucial for making an informed decision about upgrading. 

In summary, upgrading to a paid version of KwickMetrics should be based on your specific business needs, the value and benefits offered by the KwickMetrics in optimizing your Amazon and Walmart business 

Ready to Upgrade?

What If KwickMetrics Isn’t Right for You After the 14-day Free Trial?

At the end of the free trial, if you find that KwickMetrics is not suitable for you, we understand that every business has unique needs and requirements. In such a scenario, you are under no obligation to continue using our platform. We believe in transparency and honesty, and we respect your decision to explore other options that better align with your business goals and preferences.  

We appreciate the opportunity you gave us to demonstrate our platform, and we welcome any feedback you may have to help us improve. If you feel any discomfort or encounter any issues during the trial period or afterward, please contact our support team. We are here to assist you promptly and address any concerns you may have. 

How can you reach out to us for support and account setup?

You can reach out to us for support and account setup via email at or live chat option available in our app and website. We’re here to help you every step of the way! 

Frequently asked questions

Will you support other e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Etsy, etc.?

  • No, KwickMetrics exclusively supports Amazon and Walmart sellers. 

Do you provide support for keyword research, product research, and ads management?

  • No, KwickMetrics does not provide support for keyword research, product research and ads management. 

Can I integrate KwickMetrics with my existing system?

  • Yes, KwickMetrics can be integrated with your existing system. Contact our support team for more details.  

Can I take my data out of KwickMetrics?

  • Yes, you can export your data from KwickMetrics in multiple formats, including images and CSV files, providing flexibility for analysis and presentation needs. 

Does KM do account management?

  • No, KwickMetrics does not offer account management services. 

Will KM support FBA/WFS and merchant fulfilment?

  • Yes, KwickMetrics supports FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)/WFS(Walmart Fulfillment Service) and merchant fulfilment. 

Does KM provide inventory management?

  • No, KwickMetrics does not provide inventory management functionality. 

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