How to Join Walmart Marketplace – Application and Approval Guide

Updated on : April 9, 2024
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How to Join Walmart Marketplace – Application and Approval Guide

Step into the world of online commerce with Walmart Marketplace! This comprehensive guide is your roadmap to becoming a seller on We’ll cover the entire application process, potential obstacles, and strategies for approval. Get ready to explore the exciting opportunities that await you in the realm of Walmart’s vast online marketplace.

How to Apply to Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

1. Welcome to Walmart Marketplace: Start by visiting the Walmart Seller Center and hitting the “Apply” or “Sign Up” button. Upon submission, you’ll be logged into your Walmart Seller Center Account.

2. Get Verified: Follow the steps outlined in the provided screenshot. Click on “Get Verified,” and a screen will appear prompting you to input essential business information.

3. Get Paid: Once your business is verified (a process taking 48 hours to 4 weeks), proceed to “Get Paid.” Enter your payment information using Hyperwallet or Payoneer.

4. Set Up Shipping Templates and Create Listings: After the payment setup, move on to configuring shipping templates and creating your initial product listings.

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What is the typical duration for the approval process on Walmart?

The approval process to become a Walmart Marketplace seller can vary widely. While some sellers may receive approval within as little as 24 hours, others might have to wait for 2-4 weeks or even longer. The duration depends on factors such as the completeness of information provided, meeting minimum qualifications, the complexity of verification requirements, and the overall review queue. Sellers who meticulously prepare and meet all requirements upfront stand a higher chance of a quicker approval, but patience is crucial as the timeline can be unpredictable. Understanding the dynamic nature of the process allows sellers to approach it with a realistic mindset and readiness for the exciting opportunities ahead.

Key Takeaway:

Understanding Approval Process: Familiarize with Walmart Marketplace’s application process, timelines, and potential rejection factors for a smoother experience.

Why Was My Walmart Marketplace Seller Application Denied?

If Walmart Marketplace seller application faced rejection, several factors could be at play:

  1. E-commerce Experience: Walmart prefers experienced sellers with a proven track record, often seeking consistent sales around $500,000 per year on platforms like Amazon.
  2. Product Catalog Uniqueness: Walmart values unique offerings. An abundance of similar products might lead to rejection, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to diversity.
  3. Documentation Accuracy: Inconsistent tax or business documentation can be a red flag. Ensuring accuracy in all details before submission is crucial.
  4. Limited E-commerce Portfolio: Newcomers may face rejection. Building experience on other platforms before applying to Walmart can enhance your application.
  5. Customer Service Track Record: Positive seller account reviews and a pro seller badge are essential. A low rating or customer complaints can negatively impact your Walmart Marketplace application.
  6. Product Review Ratings: Both seller and product review ratings matter. Low-quality ratings, poor reviews, or a low rank in categories can pose challenges.
  7. Fulfillment Reliability: Walmart seeks sellers with reliable fulfillment systems. Lack of a warehouse or using an unreliable third-party service may lead to rejection.

Meeting Walmart’s criteria across revenue, uniqueness, documentation accuracy, e-commerce experience, customer service, product reviews, and fulfillment reliability is crucial. If your application was declined, addressing these areas can enhance your chances in the future. The goal is to contribute to a positive shopping experience for Walmart’s customers, ensuring success on Walmart Marketplace.

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What steps can I take in the appeal process if my Walmart Seller application is denied?

Facing a denial on your Walmart Marketplace seller application can be disheartening, but the journey doesn’t end there. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do if your account was denied:

  1. Access Your Walmart Seller Center Account: Log in using the same username and login you used during the application process. Head to the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Seek Assistance through “Help”: Click on “Help” in the dropdown menu. This will be your gateway to resolving the denial and seeking clarification.
  3. Select “Business Verification Questions and Issues”: Choose this category to address issues related to business verification. This is a crucial step in understanding the reasons behind the denial.
  4. Choose “Appeal Business Verification Decision”: opt for this option to initiate an appeal. It ensures your concerns reach the support team dedicated to handling appeals.
  5. Specific Issues:
    • Tax Information Concerns: If your denial involves tax information, click on “Tax Information Questions and Issues” to connect with the support member specializing in tax-related matters.
    • Status Verification: If you want to verify your application status or haven’t received a response, select “Verifying Status Update Questions.”
  6. Open a Case Via Email: Following your selection, you’ll be prompted to open a case via email. Provide detailed information about your situation and the specific issues you are appealing.
  7. Check for Updates: Regularly log back into your Walmart Seller Center to check and respond to any updates on your case.

Navigating the post-denial process requires proactive engagement with Walmart’s applicant support channels. Opening a case via email allows you to communicate your concerns effectively and seek assistance tailored to your situation. Remember, persistence and clear communication are key as you work towards resolving the issues that led to the initial denial. This proactive approach can potentially pave the way for a successful appeal and future approval as a Walmart Marketplace seller.

Ensuring Approved to Sell on Walmart?

Boost your chances of becoming a Walmart Marketplace seller with these key strategies:

  1. Highlight Success: Showcase your proven track record in the marketplace or e-commerce world to demonstrate credibility.
  2. Know Prohibited Products: Familiarize yourself with Walmart’s Prohibited Products Policy to avoid listing items in restricted categories.
  3. Provide Detailed Information: During the application, offer comprehensive business details to minimize delays in the review process.
  4. Emphasize Diversity: Showcase how your business contributes to a diverse product range, aligning with Walmart’s values.
  5. Prioritize Customer Service: Excel in customer service to earn positive reviews and a pro seller badge, reflecting your commitment to exceptional service.
  6. Ensure Compliance: Strictly adhere to Walmart’s guidelines, emphasizing product quality and reliable fulfillment.

By following these steps, you streamline the approval process and position your business for success on Walmart Marketplace.

How to Check the Walmart Marketplace Application Status?

If you’re eager to track the status of your Walmart Marketplace seller application, here’s a quick guide to contact Walmart Seller Center Support:

  1. Log in to Walmart Seller Center: Access your Walmart Seller Center account and locate the “Help” option at the top right of the screen.
  2. Navigate to “Contact Support”: Click on “Contact Support” to initiate your query and get assistance with your application status.
  3. Choose the Relevant Option:
    • Appeal Business Verification Decision: If your application faced issues related to business verification.
    • Tax Information Questions and Issues: For concerns regarding tax information.
    • Verifying Status Update Questions: If you haven’t received a response and want to verify your application status.
  4. Open a Case Via Email: After selecting the appropriate option, you’ll be prompted to open a case via email. Provide detailed information about your query and await further communication.

By following these steps, you can proactively seek updates on your application status and address any specific issues or concerns. Keeping communication open with Walmart Seller Center Support ensures you stay informed throughout the application process.

Key Takeaway:

Proactive Engagement: Utilize resources like Seller Center and support channels for queries, appeals, and status updates post-application submission.

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Steps after Approval

Steps to List Items on Walmart Marketplace after approval

Congratulations on getting approved to sell on Walmart Marketplace! Now, let’s explore how to list your products effectively:

Navigate to the Items Page: Click on “Items” in the left-hand navigation bar to access the items page.

Manage Items and Add New Listings: In the top right corner, click “Manage Items” and select “Add Items.”

Choose Your Listing Method: You have three options for uploading listings:

  • Upload via Spreadsheet: Ideal for large quantities and variations. Click “Walmart Template,” choose the category, download the template, fill it out, and upload the spreadsheet by clicking “Browse.”
  • Import from Other Websites: Add the URL of your product page from platforms like Amazon, Shopify, or Target, and Walmart will update your listing.

For Wholesalers: Search the Walmart catalog to find the product you’re selling.

Complete the Upload Process: Follow the steps based on your chosen method to complete the upload process. Ensure accuracy and completeness for each listing.

Optimize Your Listings: After successfully uploading your Walmart listings, head to the Growth Opportunities page. Walmart provides a listing score and highlights areas needing improvement. Use this resource to optimize your listings for better visibility and performance.

By following these steps, you’ll efficiently list your products on Walmart Marketplace, maximizing your presence and potential sales. Regularly check and update your listings to maintain a strong and competitive position on the platform.

Key Takeaway:

Optimizing Seller Strategy: Prioritize customer service, product diversity, and compliance with guidelines to enhance approval chances and maximize success on Walmart Marketplace.

FAQs In relation to Walmart Application

How long does it take to get approved on Walmart Marketplace?

Approval duration varies, typically 24 hours to 4 weeks depending on review complexity and queue.

Why might my Walmart Marketplace application be denied?

Possible reasons include insufficient e-commerce experience, product uniqueness, documentation errors, and fulfillment reliability concerns.

What should I do if my Walmart Marketplace application is denied?

Appeal through the Seller Center, addressing specific issues and providing accurate information for reconsideration.

How can I ensure successful approval on Walmart Marketplace?

Highlight experience, diverse products, excellent customer service, and adherence to Walmart guidelines for higher chances.

How do I check my Walmart Marketplace application status?

Log in to Seller Center, navigate to Help, and select relevant options for status updates or appeals.


Navigating the Walmart Marketplace journey, from application to successful product listing, requires strategic planning and resilience. Understanding the approval process, potential rejection factors, and post-denial improvement steps is crucial. Once approved, utilizing diverse listing methods and optimizing continuously ensures a robust marketplace presence. Success hinges on showcasing business strengths, compliance with Walmart’s guidelines, and delivering exceptional customer service. Regularly checking application status and seeking support when needed are key to a thriving seller journey. In conclusion, embrace the challenges, stay informed, and position your business for success in the dynamic Walmart Marketplace. Happy selling!

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