KwickMetrics: An Alternative to Fetcher for Amazon Sellers

Updated on : April 18, 2024
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KwickMetrics: An Alternative to Fetcher for Amazon Sellers

Amazon provides a host of opportunities for sellers to optimize the available business opportunities and open avenues for growth and revenue. Amazon is a data-driven company, and incorporating necessary data and analytics to leverage meaningful insights is essential for sellers to boost their decision-making process. Hence, sellers must leverage the right tools and technologies to help, understand, identify, and implement business insights. The Amazon seller needs to use business intelligence software with analytics and reporting capabilities and an integrated dashboard to optimize data. These tools will enable them to stay ahead of the competition and maximize business performance.

KwickMetrics is one of the popular go-to solutions for Amazon sellers. It is a cutting-edge analytical tool and a known Fetcher alternate that will enable Amazon sellers to centralize data in one place, leverage data analytics, visualize data findings and enrich business decisions. Amazon is a highly competitive platform, and integrating innovative technology is necessary to gain a competitive edge and capitalize on business opportunities. The business intelligence tool helps the sellers through the product research phase, estimate a product's potential before bringing it to the market, and improve profitability.

Like Fetcher, KwickMetrics enables Amazon sellers to gauge the financial health of their Amazon business with greater efficiency and accuracy. Some of the critical features of KwickMetrics that makes it a popular alternative to Fetcher include:

BI Dashboard

The dashboard enables Amazon sellers to quickly navigate the data and access the required information. The dashboard presents information in user-friendly formats such as reports, charts, and graphs. Dashboard-driven data visualizations help identify trends, leverage predictive insights quickly, and understand the business context. Dashboards provide single-pane visibility into all the critical business metrics. It goes beyond the one-stop-shop display to spot trends, forecast, and save time.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

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Accurate Real-Time Data

KwickMetrics syncs with Amazon in regular intervals. Hence, it keeps your financial information up-to-date. You can track the various costs involved at each stage, Amazon FBA fees, and more frequently. Access to these critical data enables you to make more efficient decisions. It helps you gain agility, act on short-term market changes, and react without delay to reduce risks. Thus, it helps the Amazon sellers to thrive and reach optimal productivity. It will enable the stakeholders to improve their decisions with actionable insights.

Reporting and Analytics

KwickMetrics enables the stakeholders to capture critical performance indicators, such as sales revenue, product ranking, seller rating, order defect rate, and unit session percentage rate. The reporting tool aggregates data from various sources to help you analyze consumer behavior, purchasing patterns, category performances, among other things. It helps to organize data and ensure its accuracy and process efficacy. Amazon seller central reporting tools can generate daily reports, create profit and loss, track which product is performing the best, optimize product listing, and close business gaps.

To Conclude:

KwickMetrics is one of the best alternatives to Fetcher in helping Amazon sellers to measure profitability data and use real-time data to track business performance. It allows them to calculate the business-critical metrics such as profit, PPC costs, refunds, fees, etc., that updates every minute.

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