Exploring Amazon Fulfilment Options for E-commerce Mastery

Updated on : May 20, 2024
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Exploring Amazon Fulfilment Options for E-commerce Mastery

Imagine you’ve created an awesome product, but now you’re stuck with the shipping puzzle. Amazon has different amazon fulfilment options to handle it, whether you want to do it yourself or let them help.

Let’s make it simple: with Amazon Fulfillment Options, either you pack it, or they do. We’ll break down the choices in an easy way. Think of it like planning a smooth journey through the online world – we’ve got the map to help you succeed!

Amazon Fulfilment Options

Explore Amazon Fulfillment Options: Self-Ship for control, Easy Ship’s broad reach, FBA for hands-off fulfillment, FBM’s customization, SFP’s Prime benefits, and Seller Flex for large inventories.

What is Self-Ship in Amazon?

Self-Ship is a versatile fulfillment option for Amazon sellers, providing exceptional control and flexibility over the entire fulfillment process. It is an ideal choice for both large-scale e-commerce players and local businesses, granting sellers the authority to manage storage, packaging, and delivery according to their preferences.

Amazon self-ship process

  1. Flexibility in Delivery: Sellers can choose between utilizing their own delivery associates or opting for third-party courier services.
  2. Prime Badge Access: Unlock Amazon Prime badge benefits for nearby pin codes through the Local Shops on Amazon program, enhancing visibility and customer trust.
  3. Control Over Shipping Prices: Sellers have the freedom to set their own shipping prices, allowing for a strategic approach to pricing.

Eligibility Criteria for Self-Ship

  • Large-Scale Sellers: Suitable for sellers with established warehousing and delivery networks, facilitating efficient self-management.
  • Local Shop Owners and Kirana Stores: Ideal for businesses targeting nearby pin codes, ensuring swift deliveries and local market penetration.

How to self-ship on amazon?

  • Perfect for new sellers or those aiming to take control of their shipping processes.
  • Choose a reliable courier partner, invest in branded packaging materials, and coordinate shipments efficiently.
  • Local shop owners can leverage the Local Shops on Amazon program to gain access to the Amazon Prime badge.

Key Takeaway:

Self-ship on Amazon lets big sellers steer their own ship, offering full control over shipping and a chance to make local connections that turn neighbors into fans. It’s perfect for those ready to navigate without the extra fees or red tape of fulfillment centers.

What is Amazon Easy Ship?

Amazon Easy Ship is a revolutionary service designed for sellers, providing a comprehensive end-to-end delivery solution that extends to even the most remote corners of India. Exclusively crafted for Indian sellers, Easy Ship ensures a seamless and hassle-free process for delivering products to customers within or before the promised delivery timeframe.

How Easy Ship Works?

  1. Pan-India Coverage: Easy Ship boasts an extensive reach, covering 99.9% of India’s pin codes, allowing sellers to tap into diverse markets.
  2. Pay on Delivery: Customers enjoy the flexibility of ‘Pay on Delivery,’ accommodating cash or card payments according to their preference.
  3. Order Tracking: Enhanced shopping experiences for customers with order tracking and a guaranteed delivery date.
  4. Amazon Customer Care Support: Easy Ship sellers can leverage the Runaway program, were Amazon’s customer care handles queries about products, ensuring a high level of customer support.

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Eligibility Criteria for Easy Ship                                                             

  • Sellers with Warehouse Facilities: Suitable for sellers equipped with their own warehouse facilities, ensuring efficient storage and management.
  • Diverse Product Range: Ideal for sellers dealing with a variety of products with tighter margins, looking to leverage Amazon’s expertise in delivery.

How to Easy Ship on Amazon?

  1. Register as a Seller: Initiate the process by registering as an Amazon.in seller, listing your products through Seller Central or the Seller App.
  2. Provide Warehouse Address: Store your products in your warehouse, providing the address for convenient pickups by Amazon Logistics delivery associates.
  3. Receive Orders: Notifications are sent via email, Seller Central, and SMS when customers place orders.
  4. Schedule Pick-up: Schedule the pick-up, adhere to Amazon guidelines for packaging, and use Amazon packaging material if desired.
  5. Amazon Delivers: Leveraging a world-class fulfillment network covering 99% of India’s pin codes, Amazon ensures reliable delivery to customers, with order tracking functionality.

Key Takeaway:

Amazon Easy Ship isn’t just about shipping—it’s a massive leap for local sellers in India to go national, smashing logistical barriers with the services and brings trust-building features like Pay on Delivery.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) stands as a revolutionary solution for sellers aiming to streamline their operations and enhance their e-commerce experience. With FBA, sellers can store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, entrusting the complexities of packing, shipping, and customer service to Amazon’s seasoned experts.

How does amazon FBA work?

  1. Easy Setup: Begin by registering as an Amazon.in seller and listing your products through Seller Central or the Seller App.
  2. Send Products to Amazon: Ship your inventory to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre, where Amazon takes charge of storage and organization.
  3. Prime Badge Benefits: FBA products earn the coveted Amazon Prime Badge, providing customers with free, fast, and reliable delivery options.
  4. Amazon Manages Everything: From packing and shipping to customer service and returns, Amazon handles the end-to-end fulfillment process.
  5. Pay-as-You-Go: FBA operates on a flexible rate structure, ensuring payment only for the services used—no subscription fees or start-up costs.

Eligibility Criteria for Amazon FBA

  • Monthly sales over 0.6 million.
  • Seller rating of 90% or above.
  • Monthly sales units close to 1000 units.

How to Join Amazon FBA?

  1. Register as an Amazon Seller: Set up your account on Seller Central, providing business details and listing products on Amazon.in.
  2. Join FBA: Sign up for FBA, sharing additional details and choosing Amazon Fulfillment Centers (FC) as Additional Places of Business (APOB).
  3. Send Your Products: Ship products to Amazon FCs, and FBA products will be distinguished with the Prime Badge.
  4. Get Orders for Your Prime Products: Enjoy increased visibility, a higher chance of winning the Offer Display, and faster order placement.
  5. Amazon Delivers: Benefit from Amazon’s world-class fulfillment network, delivering to 99% of India’s pin codes with reliable tracking.

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What is FBM?

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) is a fulfillment method on Amazon that grants sellers complete control over the packing, shipping, and customer service aspects of their products. This option is particularly cost-effective for items with limited competition or lower sales volumes.

How FBM Works?

FBM empowers sellers by providing control over logistics. Key features include:

  1. Control Over Logistics: Sellers have the flexibility to customize packaging and shipping methods according to their preferences.
  2. Flexibility in Handling: Unlike Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), FBM sellers are not bound by strict Amazon fulfillment requirements, offering a more flexible process.
  3. Cost Considerations: FBM can be a cost-effective solution for businesses with low order volumes or those equipped with their own warehouses.

Eligibility Criteria for FBM

FBM is open to all sellers on Amazon, offering an accessible fulfillment option for a variety of businesses.

How to Join FBM?

  1. Create an Account: Begin by registering on Amazon and selecting the FBM approach during the setup process.
  2. List Products: Optimize your product listings to enhance visibility on the platform.
  3. Inventory Management: Efficiently manage your inventory to meet customer demands.
  4. Shipping Templates: Set up shipping templates to align with your logistics capabilities.
  5. Order Coordination: Streamline the picking, packing, and shipping processes to ensure efficiency.
  6. Customer Service Handling: Respond promptly to customer inquiries to enhance overall customer satisfaction.
  7. Cost Considerations: Understand and factor in associated costs to ensure profitability.

Key Takeaway:

Embrace the power of Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) to fully control your shipping, packing, and customer service. Enjoy the freedom to personalize every order and save cash by avoiding hefty storage fees. But remember, with great autonomy comes the responsibility of handling returns yourself.

What is SFP?

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is an Amazon program that combines Prime benefits with seller control. Sellers directly deliver products to Prime customers, meeting specific criteria. This program enhances visibility, increases profits, and allows sellers to maintain inventory control.

How SFP Works?

  1. Profit Boost: SFP provides Amazon Prime-badge sellers with increased earnings, attracting a broader customer base.
  2. Cost-Effective Control: More economical than Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), offering sellers control over inventory and shipping.
  3. Versatility in Shipping: Sellers can choose their carriers, ensuring flexibility in shipping methods.

Eligibility criteria for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)?

Experienced sellers with exceptional metrics are eligible for SFP. A trial phase ensures qualification, requiring high performance, on-time shipping, low cancellation rates, and the use of Amazon services.

How to Apply for Amazon SFP?

Sellers interested in joining can sign up for the waitlist to receive updates on enrollment.

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What is Amazon Seller Flex Program?

Amazon Seller Flex Program is an exclusive, invite-only program tailored for large inventory sellers. It grants sellers the unique advantage of allowing Amazon to manage fulfillment directly from the seller’s warehouse. This program strikes a balance, providing sellers control over logistics while leveraging Amazon’s expertise in stocking, packing, and delivery.

How Seller Flex Program Works?

  1. Amazon Operations at Seller’s Warehouse: Amazon executives operate directly from the seller’s warehouse.
  2. Similar Functions as FBA: Seller Flex Program encompasses functions similar to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), covering stocking, packing, shipping, and managing returns.
  3. Currently Invite-Only: The program is presently invite-only, catering to sellers with substantial inventories.

Eligibility Criteria for Amazon Seller Flex Program?

Amazon Seller Flex is an invite-only program, and eligibility is determined based on various factors, including monthly sales, seller rating, and sales units. Sellers cannot apply directly; instead, eligibility leads to an invitation.

How to Join Seller Flex Program?

If eligible and not invited, sellers can proactively contact Amazon’s team via customer care or email. After receiving an invitation, the application process involves submitting a form with business details and fulfillment requirements. Sellers will then share and verify necessary documents, followed by installation support and training.

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Comparative Analysis of Amazon Fulfillment Options

Aspect Self-Ship Easy Ship FBA FBM SFP Seller Flex
Customer Reach Limited to 19 pin codes in India Sellers are flexible but may have courier limitations Prime-eligible, wide reach, fast, and free delivery Seller manages fulfillment, no Prime benefits Prime perks without FBA, for chosen sellers Extend Prime-like benefits, control inventory for customers
Control Over Inventory Limited control, Amazon handles inventory in centers High control, sellers manage their inventory Limited control, Amazon handles inventory in centers High control, sellers manage their inventory Seller has more control, manages inventory, and is Prime-eligible Seller has high control, managing inventory in their warehouse
Eligibility Invite-only program based on specific criteria Invite-only program based on specific criteria
Amazon handles Storage Amazon Fulfilment Centre (FC)
Amazon handles Packaging
Amazon handles Shipping
Fees Referral, Closing, Shipping Referral, Closing, Fulfillment Referral, Closing Varies
Amazon Prime Badge Access After meeting criteria After meeting criteria
Amazon handles Returns & Customer Service Optional
Pros Nominal rates, covers remote areas in India. Seller’s courier choice, more control. Prime eligibility, hands-off fulfillment. More control, customizable fulfillment process. Prime benefits without Amazon’s centers. Amazon’s assistance with warehouse management.
Cons Limited to specific pin codes. Seller handles all shipping responsibilities. Higher fees, limited fulfillment control. Hands-on effort, no Prime benefits. Invite-only, strict eligibility criteria. Invite-only, strict eligibility criteria.

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FAQs in Relation to Amazon Fulfilment Options

What are the fulfillment options on Amazon?

Amazon offers FBA, where they handle logistics; Self-Ship for seller control; Easy Ship, specific to India; and FBM, where sellers manage everything.

Which is better Amazon FBA or FBM?

FBA saves time with Amazon handling logistics. But if you want more control and possibly lower costs, go with FBM.

What are the three types of Amazon FBA?

The three flavors of Amazon’s FBA service include Standard Service, Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), and Pan-European Service.

What is Amazon fulfillment services?

Amazon Fulfillment Services is a comprehensive solution handling storage, packing, and shipping for sellers, streamlining e-commerce operations.


Mastering Amazon Fulfilment Options means understanding the paths to success. It’s about leveraging FBA for access to Prime members and offloading logistics worries. It’s finding freedom in Self-Ship, embracing autonomy, or tapping into local markets with ease.

Navigate Easy Ship’s vast coverage across India, ensuring customer satisfaction with reliable delivery dates. Remember the power of FBM as you take charge of every shipping detail, tailoring that personal touch.

Every seller has a unique journey; each fulfillment method serves different needs. Keep these insights close—your e-commerce mastery depends on them. Let your products shine and reach their potential by making smart choices today.

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