Three Types of Amazon Seller Central Reports

Updated on : March 20, 2024
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Exploring the Three Types of Amazon Seller Central Reports

Amazon is a data-driven company, and the stakeholders must make decisions based on the available data instead of assumptions. Data availability helps ensure that the business is moving in the right direction. Access to reliable information helps strengthen business and opens avenues for growth and revenue. This is where the Amazon seller central reporting tool comes in. It helps centralize data in one place to leverage data analytics and enrich business decisions.

Amazon sellers must aggregate data and information from various sources to analyze consumer behaviour, purchasing patterns, category performances, among other aspects. The use of a centralized database makes data organization easier and ensures the consistency and accuracy of data. Amazon seller central reporting tool provides sellers with valuable insights and data on how their business is performing.

What is the Amazon Seller Central Reports?

Amazon Seller Central Reports enable the stakeholders to monitor business performance. It helps the Amazon sellers plan effective sales strategies, decide on a sales forecasting process, and maintain the cycle. It enables them to focus on measurable activities to have clear outcomes. The sales report includes important KPIs, number of goods sold, net sales, profits. Based on the requirements, the sellers can optimize the sales growth and bring new opportunities. Moreover, the central reports help visualize the product and sales data, with graphs and organized data points about order fulfilment, payment history, and more, to get a comprehensive "big picture" of product performance.


Types of Amazon Seller Central Reports

Business Reports: It enables the Amazon sellers to get valuable insights into product sales and performance. It allows them to view data related to units ordered, total sales, page views, sessions, conversion rate, buy box percentage, and more. These reports are structured by date and ASIN. By date, the reports are

Sales and Traffic,

  • Detail Page Sales and Traffic, and
  • Seller Performance.
  • The reports by ASIN are
  • Detail Page Sales and Traffic,
  • Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Parent Item,
  • Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item, and
  • Brand Performance.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

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Fulfilment Report: Amazon sellers can leverage these reports to get insights into their order fulfilment efficiency. These reports are pervasive and generally covers the following data points:

  • Inventory,
  • Sales,
  • Payments,
  • Customer concessions,
  • Removals,
  • Amazon Global logistics.

The Amazon fulfilment reports provide the sellers with critical insights based on these categories.


Advertising Report: To optimize PPC campaigns, Amazon sellers can leverage advertising reports. It includes:

  • Search Term Reports: It identifies the keywords customers use to buy the product they want to sell. It also helps find relevant keywords to drive conversions.
  • Targeting Reports and Keyword Reports: It identifies targeted keywords, categories, or specific ASINs. It aids in monitoring how the performance of the target.
  • Advertised Product Report: It offers insights into advertised ASINs and determines which are performing optimally.

Other types of advertising reports, such as performance overtime reports, placement reports, and others help you navigate your product advertising campaigns. KwickMetrics will be rolling out the advertising report feature by the end of February 2022.


To Conclude:

When focusing on your business's future growth and strategies, you need to use data and analytics effectively. The valuable data in each business report can enable you to efficiently make your decisions on your advertising campaigns, listing content, pricing, and gaining a competitive advantage.

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