What Metrics Should I Keep an Eye on as an Amazon Seller

Updated on : April 12, 2024
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What Metrics Should I Keep an Eye on as an Amazon Seller

It's essential to keep an eye on your store's activity and the amazon profit app when you sell things on Amazon. You want to offer clients the greatest possible experience to promote conversions and repeat business.


 Order defect rate (ODR): The number of customers who have a bad experience with your store is known as the order defect rate (ODR). It is based on various negative behaviors, such as poor reviews or unfavorable feedback. Your ODR may increase if a customer requests a refund after receiving subpar service or damaged goods.


  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate: Before shipment confirmation, the seller starts pre-fulfillment cancellations. This frequently occurs when a buyer purchases a product, but the merchant needs more on hand. The seller must cancel the product order.
  • Late shipment rate: Have there ever been times when you were genuinely looking forward to receiving a shipment only to learn that the shipping was delayed?

If a customer expects a product by a certain time, it's a great bummer and can make them angry. Another statistic you should keep an eye on is the late shipment rate to ensure you're giving your audience the greatest possible service.

  • Conversion rate: Your Amazon conversion rate is a reliable indicator of how well your store performs if you want to know if you're generating successful outcomes. It's one of the most significant Amazon seller success measures.

Your performance indicators impact the success of your store on Amazon. To keep track of them and learn how your store is doing, use the Amazon Profit app. Get in touch to learn more about your sales and how to enhance profit.

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