Reasons Why Walmart Sellers Should Use Walmart Fulfillment Services

Originally published on : March 22, 2024
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Reasons Why Walmart Sellers Should Use Walmart Fulfillment Services

Walmart is one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces in the US, with millions of customers and thousands of sellers. If you are a Walmart seller, you might be wondering how to grow your sales and reach more customers on this platform. One of the best ways to do that is to use Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), a program that offers end-to-end fulfillment solutions for Walmart Marketplace sellers. In this blog, we will explain what WFS is, how it works, and what are the benefits of using it for your business.

What is Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline order fulfillment for sellers on the Walmart marketplace. Similar to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), WFS enables sellers in efficiently managing their inventory storage, order fulfillment, returns, and even customer service.

In today’s economic landscape where operational costs are rising, WFS offers a cost-effective alternative for sellers to outsource their fulfillment operations. By leveraging Walmart Fulfillment Services, sellers can redirect their focus toward business growth while Walmart handles the intricacies of order fulfillment.

The key benefits of Walmart Fulfillment Services for sellers include enhanced operational efficiency, reduced fulfillment costs, and improved customer service. By entrusting Walmart’s extensive fulfillment network to pick, pack, and ship products on their behalf, sellers can optimize their operations and deliver a superior customer experience.

Using the Walmart Fulfillment Services platform, sellers can effortlessly manage and track customer orders, access customer profiles, and efficiently manage inventory. This intuitive platform simplifies the management of selling activities, empowering sellers to make informed decisions and maximize their business potential.

“If you choose to utilize WFS, your product listings will be showcased in a manner similar to the example image below”

Key Takeaway:

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) offers sellers a convenient and reliable solution to streamline order fulfillment, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. By embracing WFS, sellers can unlock new opportunities for growth and success on the Walmart marketplace.


Benefits of Walmart Fulfillment Services

Instant Boost: Earn the Pro Seller Badge for Your Listings by WFS

Boost exposure and drive conversion

Listings featuring a Pro Seller Badge are crafted to stand out in search results, enhancing the visibility to potential customers. The badge also lets customers know that the sellers consistently provide great shopping experiences. 

Gain customers’ confidence

The badge acts as a Walmart stamp of approval, which customers rely upon when purchasing products they need quickly. The badge also indicates that the sellers meet high standards of performance and compliance with Walmart Marketplace policies.

Save on referral fees

Sellers eligible for the Pro Seller Badge receive a 5% reduction in referral fees for seller-fulfilled orders. Additionally, sellers can be rewarded for high-quality offers through the Pro Listing Savings program, which offers an extra 10% discount on referral fees for items that have competitive prices and fast shipping within 3 days. 

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Hassle-Free Returns Managed by Walmart Fulfillment Services

One of the benefits of using Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) is that sellers don’t have to worry about handling returns and refunds. Walmart will take care of the entire return process for WFS products, from receiving the returned items, inspecting them, issuing refunds, and restocking them. Sellers will also save on the return shipping costs, as Walmart will cover them for them. This way, sellers can focus on their core business activities and leave the customer service to Walmart.  

Elevate Your Visibility: Achieve Higher Rankings and More Buy Box Wins by WFS

When you use Walmart Fulfillment Services for your products, you can expect to see a noticeable improvement in your ranking for your target keywords. This is because Walmart values fast shipping as a key factor for ranking. If you check your overall listing quality score, you will see that the fulfillment section has the most impact on your score, showing the importance of reliable fulfillment for ranking.  

Therefore, if you want to rank higher and attract more customers, you should use Walmart Fulfillment Services for your products.  

Moreover, using Walmart Fulfillment Services can also help you win the Buy Box, which is the prominent add-to-cart button that customers see on the product page. The Buy Box can drive up to 80% of the purchases at  

By using Walmart Fulfillment Services, you can increase your chances of winning the Buy Box, as Walmart will favor products that have fast and free shipping, high customer satisfaction, and low return rates. 

Hassle-Free Inventory Preparation with WFS

The primary goal of these services is to ensure that your Walmart-fulfilled items are properly prepared and meet the necessary standards for consistency and accuracy. WFS provides an item labeling service. For a small fee of $0.45 per unit, Walmart will affix appropriate labels to the products. These labels might include barcodes, product information, or other essential details. Proper labeling is crucial for efficient inventory management and streamlined order processing. 

Cost Savings: Enjoy Reduced Inbound Shipping Rates by WFS

This is a benefit of using Walmart Fulfillment Services, a program that offers end-to-end fulfillment solutions for Walmart Marketplace sellers. By using WFS, you can save money on shipping your inventory to the WFS facilities, where Walmart will store, pick, pack, and ship your orders to your customers.  

Walmart has partnered with several preferred carriers that offer discounted rates for WFS sellers. You can also save on the packaging materials, as Walmart will provide them for you. Additionally, you can save on storage fees, as Walmart Fulfillment Services has a simple and transparent pricing structure that does not charge any hidden fees. 

Customer-Centric Support: Exceptional Service and Seller Assistance by Walmart Fulfillment Services

By using Walmart Fulfillment Services, you can enjoy exceptional customer service and seller support, seven days a week. Here is how WFS can help you with customer service and seller support: 

Walmart Fulfillment Services provides customer service on your behalf by managing all inquiries, refunds, and returns for WFS products. You don’t have to worry about answering customer questions, processing refunds, or handling returns. Walmart Fulfillment Services will take care of these tasks for you, ensuring that your customers are satisfied. 

Walmart Fulfillment Services also provides seller support whenever you need it. You can contact the WFS team anytime you have a question or an issue, and they will assist you promptly and professionally. You can also access the WFS Seller Help Guide, which contains useful information and tips on how to use WFS effectively. 

Walmart Fulfillment Services will also provide you with personalized recommendations and insights on how to optimize and grow your business on WFS will analyze your performance, inventory, and sales data, and give you suggestions on how to improve your listings, pricing, shipping, and marketing strategies.  

Key Takeaway:

By using Walmart Fulfillment Services, you can benefit from customer-centric support and seller assistance, which can help you save time, hassle, and money, and focus on your core business activities.


Exclusive Benefit: Free 2-Day Shipping for Walmart Plus Members

Exclusive 2-Day Expedited Shipping Badge

Walmart Fulfillment Services members enjoy the coveted 2-Day expedited shipping badge, ensuring that their products stand out to customers who prioritize fast delivery. 

Access to Walmart plus Badge Benefits

Walmart Fulfillment Services members also receive the Walmart plus badge, granting them access to free 2-day shipping on eligible orders. With Walmart plus recently surpassing 11.5 million members, leveraging this badge can significantly boost conversion rates. 

Competitive Edge Over Competitors

Utilizing Walmart Fulfillment Services sets sellers apart from competitors who may not be leveraging this service. This competitive edge can translate into higher conversion rates as customers are drawn to faster shipping options. 

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Enhanced Customer Confidence

Offering expedited shipping through WFS instills confidence in customers, reassuring them that their orders will be delivered promptly and reliably. 

Streamlined Shopping Experience

Walmart Fulfillment Services streamlines the shopping experience for customers by providing quick access to products with the 2-day expedited shipping badge. This efficiency can lead to higher conversion rates as customers are more likely to complete their purchases. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Fast and reliable shipping options contribute to increased customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend the seller to others, driving long-term growth and conversions. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Walmart Fulfillment Services offers scalability and flexibility, allowing sellers to efficiently manage their inventory and fulfill orders as their business grows. This flexibility ensures that sellers can fulfill customer demand while maintaining the highest standards of service quality. 

Key Takeaway:

By leveraging Walmart Fulfillment Services, sellers can harness the power of expedited shipping and Walmart plus benefits to drive conversions and capitalize on the growing demand for fast, reliable delivery services.


How can sellers participate in the Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) program?

To participate in Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) program, sellers need to follow specific steps to ensure seamless integration and efficient order fulfillment. Here’s a simplified guide on how sellers can join the WFS program: 

Become a Walmart Marketplace Seller

Before accessing WFS, sellers must first become registered sellers on the Walmart marketplace. This involves creating an account on Seller Central, Walmart’s platform for managing seller activities. 

Apply for Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

Unlike Amazon FBA, where sellers can directly create shipments in Seller Central, Walmart requires sellers to apply for the WFS program separately. Sellers must apply to enroll in WFS to begin utilizing the fulfillment services. 

Provide Walmart Fulfillment Services Details

Once accepted into the Walmart Fulfillment Services program, sellers need to log into their Seller Central account and add their WFS details. This includes providing information about the products they intend to fulfill through the program and specifying shipping preferences. 

List Products for Walmart Fulfillment Services

Sellers can create new listings or convert existing products into Walmart-fulfilled listings within Seller Central. This step ensures that products are designated for fulfillment by WFS once orders are placed. 

Send Inventory to Walmart Fulfillment Center

Sellers are required to send their inventory to the designated Walmart fulfillment center. This involves packaging and shipping products to the specified location, where WFS will handle storage and inventory management. 

Order Processing and Shipping

When a customer places an order for a Walmart-fulfilled product, WFS takes charge of order processing and shipping. WFS retrieves the item from inventory, packs it, and ships it directly to the customer on behalf of the seller. 

Customer Support and Returns

Walmart Fulfillment Services provides comprehensive customer support, including addressing inquiries and handling returns. Sellers can rely on WFS to manage customer interactions and ensure a positive shopping experience.  

Key Takeaway:

By following these steps, sellers can effectively participate in Walmart Fulfillment Services program, benefitting from streamlined order processing, efficient inventory management, and enhanced customer satisfaction. This straightforward process enables sellers to leverage WFS to expand their reach and grow their business on the Walmart marketplace.


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FAQs related to Walmart Fulfillment Services

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for joining Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)?

A. To qualify for Walmart Fulfillment Services, sellers must be registered on the Walmart marketplace and apply separately for the WFS program.  

Q. How does Walmart Fulfillment Services handle returns?

A. Walmart Fulfillment Services manages the entire return process for sellers, including receiving returned items, inspecting them, issuing refunds, and restocking inventory. 

Q. Can sellers track their inventory and customer orders with Walmart Fulfillment Services?

A. Yes, sellers can easily manage and track their inventory and customer orders through the Walmart Fulfillment Services platform provided in Seller Central. 


Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) isn’t just a service; it’s your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your business in Walmart’s thriving marketplace. Picture this: hassle-free returns, expedited shipping badges, and the power to outshine your competitors with every click. With WFS, you’re not just fulfilling orders; you’re creating a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. So why wait? Take the leap, join WFS, and let Walmart handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best: growing your business and delighting your customers. Your journey to success starts here, with Walmart Fulfillment Services.  

Happy Selling! 

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