What Does Amazon Seller Reporting Mean? (Part 1)

Updated on : March 26, 2024
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What Does Amazon Seller Reporting Mean?

Selling on Amazon is sometimes a matter of a Trial and Error. Before selling, one should understand what are all the most important aspect of selling on Amazon. One of the key aspects is understanding the insights of your business.

That will help you to look at what is happening in your business. For that, Amazon is giving you a reports option, that will help you understand your business clearly. In this blog, you are going to learn about Amazons reporting option.

Amazon seller central report gives you the most of the details that one Amazon seller should look for. But sometimes, even a seasoned seller also feels difficult to get insights from the seller dashboard. Here you are going to learn about some of the most important amazon seller reports and why they should be important for a Seller.

There are six types of reports available in Amazon seller central.They are,

  1. Payments
  2. Amazon Selling coach
  3. Business Reports
  4. Return Reports
  5. Custom Reports
  6. Tax Document Library

In this blog, we are going to see an overview of Business reports and Amazon Selling Coach. We will see an overview of other reports in upcoming blogs.


Business Reports

The business report section in seller central lets you monitor your overall sales performance traffic and conversion rate. To access from seller central home page hover over the Reports menu and click Business reports option. On the left side navigation bar, you can find two sections.

  1. Sales Dashboard (Default view)
  2. Business Reports

Data for these reports are generally available for up to 2 years. You can filter the results using Date, product category, and fulfillment channel and view sales statistics as a graph or in the table. Business Report section offers a variety of reports organized by Dates, by ASIN, and many others.

You can View or Hide columns by checking or unchecking the boxes in the right-side navigation bar for more ways to analyze your data. You can download these reports as a CSV file. You can save your report filters by bookmarking the page or copying and saving the URL. Your report filter parameters are contained within the URL.

Amazon Sales Dashboard

This Dashboard will be more useful for those who are having a professional account to visualize sales. You can access the business reports section of your seller central account by selecting Business Reports from the drop-down menu on the Reports Tab. There you will get the Business Dashboard. Sales snapshot gives you some key attics for a given day.

Below are some comparative sales graphs showing you today sales comparing to yesterday, the same day last week and the same day last year. Even below that, you will see sales by category section. There you can get sales and units ordered by category. It will show the top 5 categories by default.

You can export these data in Excel by clicking the download button in the top right corner. To ensure you have the latest data just click refresh.

In the Business Report section, there are a variety of reports. The available reports are listed in the left navigation bar. They are classified as given below.

  1. By Date
  2. By ASIN

In the By date section, you can get the reports of Sales and Traffic, Detail page sales and traffic and seller performance. These reports are about Sales based on the Date.

In the By ASIN section, you can get the reports of Detail page sales and traffic, Detail page sales and traffic by parent item, Detail page by sales and traffic by child item. These reports are about sales based on the ASIN.


Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

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Amazon selling Coach

Amazon Selling Coach offers personalised recommendations to guide you in maximising your effectiveness as an Amazon seller.The seller can find selling coach in five different places. There are,

  1. The top page of seller central
  2. Seller central selling coach report
  3. Emails
  4. Amazon seller application
  5. Amazon marketplace web services API

Amazon selling coach will always refer to one of these five subjects, regardless of how you access your recommendations. They are, Inventory, Pricing, Products, Fulfillment, and Advertising.

  1. Inventory recommendations will help you to keep track of stock.
  2. Product recommendations will help to identify a product that would sell well in other locations.
  3. Price recommendations will help to sell products at the lowest price that will increase sales.
  4. Fulfillment opportunities will show you the items which you can convert to FBA.
  5. Advertising recommendations will highlight the items eligible for paid campaigns.



Reports are the one that helps to understand the business. These reports will help sellers to increase their sales to the next level. But sometimes, even experienced seller feels difficult to get their desired report from Amazon.

KwickMetrics is a cutting edge analytics and reporting tool that will provide custom reports and insights that one seller needs to understand their business in depth. Please visit the below link to know more about KwickMetrics.

Happy Selling! 😄

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