Best Practices for Amazon Images to Boost Your Sales

Updated on : April 16, 2024
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Guidelines to post your Product’s Images | KwickMetrics

There are various Amazon image best practices to be aware of as an Amazon seller. Your product photographs will match Amazon image best practices and generate more sales if you collaborate with a team to create brand image guidelines.

These pointers are as crucial as Amazon central management software for everyone selling on Amazon, not just new sellers. Amazon picture recommended practices are listed below to assist you in making money from your product photography.

Read the Seller Support Image Guidelines on Amazon:

All sellers must adhere to Amazon's guidelines for a product's main image. It's vital to examine the Seller Support image criteria regularly because they change frequently. They only apply to your primary image and don't apply to subsequent photographs that aren't the "featured" image. While some recommendations, like the ideal image size, may occasionally alter, the majority stay the same over time.

Make Sure That Your Product Is the Only Subject in Your Main Image:

The focus should be solely on the item you are selling in your main product shot. Only display one item in your main product photo if you have many things in your inventory. Therefore, it is advised that none of your team members add watermarks or insert images or text to the primary product photographs.

By controlling the image frame, you can ensure that the photographer captures good pictures that an image editor can modify. Reserve fancy image elements for additional product photos.

As a result, you won't include text, props, background elements, or people. You can utilize lifestyle photographs and images of similar products as your secondary product images, so don't worry.

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Use A Background That Is Pure White:

Product photography is difficult and necessitates several instruments. Photoshop and Illustrator are techniques to ensure that brand product imagery turns out to be beautiful. With these tools, you can easily set the all-white background that Amazon demands all primary photos.

But not just any shade of white will do. Make sure the RGB value for the background is 255, 255, and 255. Amazon loves the hue of pure white because it gives things the appearance of "floating" within the online store. To attract attention, Amazon sellers should avoid using white blends or other backdrop colors as it may result in the listing being disabled. Leave the vibrant colors for alternative images.

Use the Correct Size and Scale:

If you want to sell things on Amazon, the sizes and scales of your product photographs are crucial. The smallest size of your image should be at least 1000 pixels wide so that customers may use the zoom feature. Making sure that your main image's aspect ratio is square (1:1) can help you make the most of your image, which is another great practice for Amazon images.

While taking high-quality photos is important, Amazon merchants must also figure out how to do so quickly and affordably. You may enhance sales and earnings by setting up a strategy for producing high-quality product photography for your brand.

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