Three Things to Know About the Amazon PPC Campaign

Updated on : April 18, 2024
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Key Things to Know About Amazon PPC Campaigns

PPC or pay-per-click is a popular internet marketing model. It requires advertisers to pay a fee each time their ads are clicked. Amazon PPC, similarly, is an auction-style system where advertisers bid on keywords. Also known as sponsored ads, it can help you stay ahead of the competition if you conduct business on Amazon. It is an attention-grabbing tool that Amazon's website themselves sponsor.


How does Amazon PPC auction work?

The Amazon PPC auction process is streamlined and easy to leverage. Each advertiser submits a default bid, and they pitch themselves against each other, competing for the ad spots. The cost-per-click (CPC) for a keyword or targeted ASIN is dependent on the highest bid, but it isn't necessarily always the highest bid. When an Amazon customer searches for a particular product, the sellers who have the highest bids on relevant keywords win the auction. Thus, their product ads will become listed in the chosen placement. Advertisers will be paying the bid fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

Software dedicated to a PPC campaign can help Amazon sellers to manage, modify, and track the campaign effectively. Sellers can refer to Amazon PPC software reviews to make the right pick. The best software will help you efficiently build the PPC campaign with bidding amounts and budgets.


When choosing the Amazon PPC ad type, the sellers can select any one option from the following three valuable options.

  • Amazon Sponsored products ads: keyword and ASIN-based ad types enable the products to rank higher on Amazon search results as per search terms. It appears as search results.
  • Amazon Sponsored brands ads: It facilitates brand visibility and allows them to place an ad higher on the Amazon search results page. The ads come with a custom headline logo and list three products. These ads occupy more valuable positions.
  • Amazon Sponsored display ads: It directs the customers to product detail pages. According to browsing history/behavior, these ads may appear on Amazon and external sites according to browsing history/behavior.

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Requirements to Run a PPC Ad

You need to fulfill the following requirements to start a PPC ad campaign:

  • You require an active seller account to run the campaign.
  • Every advertiser should be able to ship the products to the desired location.
  • Amazon brand registry may be required in some instances.

Benefits of Amazon PPC?

Amazon is a competitive marketplace. Sellers constantly compete to make it to the top of search engine ranking. A successful PPC ad campaign helps to improve brand visibility, enabling sellers to increase sales, improve organic rankings, and amplify brand awareness. Sellers can advertise their products using PPC campaigns and get highly visible placement on Amazon. Advertisers can select from the various Amazon ad types based on their needs and budget. Amazon PPC advertising is the key to achieving product exposure. Successful Amazon PPC ads can lead to a drastic improvement in organic rankings for the chosen keywords.


To Conclude:

Selling on Amazon can be intimidating due to the overwhelming competition. An optimized Amazon PPC campaign can help the sellers improve their product's visibility and unlock more profitability against the investment.

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