Top 5 KPIs for Amazon Sellers: What to Track and Why

Updated on : April 11, 2024
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On Amazon, Key Performance Indicators or KPIs - also called seller metrics - aren't just a list of dos and don'ts. Sellers can leverage these indicators to further grow and expand their online business by leveraging these insights.

It's hard to overstate the importance of tracking Amazon marketing KPIs. Nevertheless, analyzing huge amounts of data can seem overwhelming with so many metrics to monitor. To help you build a successful Amazon brand, in this blog we'll reveal 5 critical KPIs you should track.

Additionally, we'll show you how to track them using simple methods.

  1. Revenue: Revenue is the key metric for any business and it is essential that Amazon sellers track their revenue to ensure they are making a profit. Revenue will give you an idea of how well your products are selling and the overall performance of your Amazon store.
  1. Conversion Rate: Conversion rate measures the number of visitors who purchase a product divided by the total number of visitors. This is important for Amazon sellers to track as it can help you determine the effectiveness of your product listings and how well you are targeting your customer base.
  1. Average Order Value: Average order value measures the average amount of money customers are spending when they purchase from your store. This is important for Amazon sellers to track so they can adjust their pricing to ensure they are getting the most out of each sale.
  1. Customer Retention Rate: Customer retention rate measures how often customers return to your store and make more purchases. This is important for Amazon sellers to track as it provides insight into customer loyalty and how well your customer service is working.
  1. Customer Reviews: Customer reviews are essential for Amazon sellers as they provide insight into customer satisfaction and can help you make changes to your products/services to make them better.

Overall, by tracking the right KPIs, Amazon sellers can make informed decisions and improve their business.


Why Use KwickMetrics Amazon Seller Tool?

KwickMetrics Amazon analytics seller tool is a powerful tool that helps Amazon sellers gain a deeper understanding of their business performance. It provides insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and competitor data. The tool also helps Amazon sellers track their product performance and optimize their operations. With its easy-to-use interface, KwickMetrics Amazon analytics seller tool enables Amazon sellers to gain valuable insights into their business performance, enabling them to make more informed decisions and improve their overall performance.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

It only takes a few seconds to fill out the signup form and start trying out KwickMetrics.

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KwickMetrics Amazon analytics seller tool also helps Amazon sellers identify opportunities for improvement. It helps sellers identify areas of their business that require improvements or adjustments. It also helps sellers understand how their customers are behaving, giving them the information they need to optimize their campaigns and increase their sales. In addition, KwickMetrics Amazon analytics seller tool helps sellers track their product performance, helping them make more informed decisions when it comes to product pricing, marketing messages, and product development.

A Quick-View of KwickMetrics Amazon Seller Tool Features


Business Dashboard

With our user-friendly Amazon Business Dashboard, you'll be able to check out everything you need to know about your business. You will be able to make informed decisions to elevate your business to the next level by using our Amazon seller tool.

Category Tree

KwickMetrics's "Category Tree" lets you analyze sales for a specific design, collection, category, color, or size of your products. You can configure your customized internal inventory structure and drill down and see performance based on it using its unique feature called "Category Tree". It allows you to categorize your products, organize them hierarchically, or even group them by using your own custom column names based on your inventory organization. Besides allowing you to import your own category trees via CSV files, it will also optimize your efficiency.

Configurable Chart

With a configurable chart, you can quickly analyze your most important metrics and indicators. You can analyze sales and returns using various filters (for example, orders, revenue, estimated profit, and more). You can easily understand these details by using the interactive chart format. This is a handy Amazon business intelligence tool for Amazon sellers

Profit and Loss

You can view the detailed profit and loss of your business in a tabular form on the configurable chart. P&L is helpful for knowing exact numbers rather than trends using the Amazon profit app.  With Amazon profit insight calculator, you can view your P&L from Orders to Returns.

Expenses Management

Keeping track of your monthly, annual, and one-time expenses is easier than ever. With KwickMetrics's Expense Management feature, you can see your expenses in terms of a detailed estimated net profit, helping you to make better business decisions.

Business Alerts

In addition to monitoring your business, KwickMetrics will alert you to important updates at the right time. The feature allows you to customize business alerts with different conditions based on your requirements. As a convenience, this Amazon seller tool provides a few default business alerts, such as Price Mismatch. You will never miss an update again with this advanced feature.

Financial Split Up

Using the split-up of costs and charges, Amazon FBA sellers can calculate the Revenue and Estimated net Profit. With KwickMetrics, all the costs for Amazon FBA sellers, such as Amazon Fees, Promotions, and COGS, are gathered in one place. Refunds are also split up.

Amazon Reimbursement Service and Management

Amazon reimburses you for a variety of reasons. Sellers can claim inventory reimbursement only if they file a claim. When Amazon's warehouses lost or damaged your inventory, or if there were unattended claims due to FBA errors, KwickMetrics can help. You can include KwickMetrics reports when contacting Amazon's Seller Central. Also, you can filter by region.

KwickMetrics' expert team efficiently manages claim identification, submission, and resolution, ensuring sellers receive the reimbursements they deserve with ease.

Amazon Advertisement

Advertising is a key player that will help you reach a wider audience with your products in the digital age. Advertisers look for quality and brand-safe environments when they advertise. Advertisement reduces the sales cycle, improves product visibility, brand awareness, helps gain valuable insights into consumer habits, and enhances campaigns. The perfect reach is made towards the targeted audience. Amazon Native Ads, Product Display Ads, and Sponsored Products are also included in the Amazon advertising module of KwickMetrics.

Amazon PPC

A successful Amazon Ads campaign can increase sales and visibility.In order to effectively manage your PPC budget, you'll need a strategy to leverage all of your investment. PPC metrics are important for optimizing your campaigns. It is essential to track the right metrics when making changes. By tracking your ad spend and sales, you can ensure your marketing efforts remain profitable! KwickMetrics also lets you export all PPC reports at a few clicks. 

Want to see more KwickMetrics’s Amazon Seller Tool features? Click here

In Conclusion: 

The key to Amazon success is tracking KPIs - they're more than just rules. If you've made it this far, you probably understand how important it is to adhere to certain metrics or KPIs. A good deal of financial success is possible with these supposed rules-which are much more than just rules.

With KwickMetrics, you can track your KPIs and business metrics in real-time. There are four subscription plans that KwickMetrics offers based on the needs and sales velocity of sellers, including a free plan. The interface is easy to use - no learning curve!

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