Top Tools That An Amazon Seller Should Use For Metrics

Updated on : April 18, 2024
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Top Tools That An Amazon Seller Should Use For Metrics

Track of sale performance is critically important. When you understand the metrics, you can gain insights that can be key to your success. You must understand what is working and what is not working. And you are well aware of what is profitable and causing loss to your finances.

As an Ecommerce seller on the Amazon marketplace, you need to use data that helps increase sales and ensure you are cutting down on those affecting the bottom line. The amazon seller central app for iPhone will provide information and metrics right in your hand that you leverage to take your online selling business to the next level.

The performance, analytical, or tools that help you track sales are essential. These tools offer statistics such as

  • Product Rankings
  • Unit Session Percentage Rates
  • Fulfillment Performance
  • Seller Rankings,
  • Units Ordered
  • Inventory Performance
  • Fees
  • Invoice Defect Rates
  • Order Defect Rates


Top tools that an Amazon seller should be using to track their sales:

KwickMetrics: KwickMetrics is a next-generation Amazon seller business intelligence tool or analytics and performance measurement that helps Amazon sellers understand the latest business insights and metrics to generate insights to make informed decisions. It analyzes data and reports in real-time and sync with your selling app. It provides a full suite of Amazon seller analytics and gives you better control over your business. You can know sales stats, ranking, inventory planning, forecasting, and financial overview.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

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Shopkeeper: The Shopkeeper is Business Dashboard for all Amazon sellers that automatically calculate profit. It has a dashboard that shows FBA fees, Various service fees, and Amazon Fees. Easily tracks Amazon sales, profits, and inventory in the Amazon marketplace.

Junglescount: Jungle Scout is a tool that helps to analyze and sort through the list to know which products are profitable and help achieve a steady flow of revenue from online sales. It is easy to use and a good tool to kick-start a business. An all-in-one platform helps with supplier database, sales analytics, product tracker, and inventory manager.

Sellics: It offers optimization and competitive insight. It considers keywords clustering, sales forecasting, and revenue and offers automation tools for Amazon campaign management. It simplifies your profit view and makes the module easy to use.

Sellerboard: Sellerboard is profit analytical and stock management Amazon tracker software for Amazon sellers. It provides live reports, automates follow-up messages, includes lost and damaged stock, and sends listing change alerts.

The above tools help handle day-to-day inventory and get real-time insights such that you can improve your sales and generate better revenue with the right pricing, good advertisements, and the right pushing of inventory. When you know with a glance where you are in sales ranking and current orders, the Amazon seller tracker is a great tool and a must for all Amazon sellers.

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