Maximizing Profits: Strategies for Walmart Marketplace Sellers

Updated on : April 26, 2024
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Maximizing Profits: Strategies for Walmart Marketplace Sellers 

In the big world of online shopping, marketplaces are super important for selling stuff and getting your brand out there. One of the big ones is Walmart Marketplace, where lots of sellers can show off their products to tons of people. But getting into it takes careful planning and knowing the best ways to succeed. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about being a successful Walmart Marketplace seller, from how Walmart works to the best strategies for selling your stuff. 

Evolution of Walmart in E – commerce 

Before diving into selling strategies, it’s crucial to comprehend the evolution of Walmart Marketplace. Initially launched in 2000 with a focus on enabling customers to shop Walmart’s assortment online, the platform expanded its horizons in 2009 by welcoming third-party sellers. Today, Walmart Marketplace stands as a prestigious e-commerce platform, where sellers can list their products alongside Walmart’s offerings on With its vast daily traffic and extensive customer base, Walmart Marketplace offers sellers an attractive opportunity to boost their sales and visibility. 

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Walmart Business Model 

Central to Walmart’s enduring success is its robust business model, characterized by a commitment to offering Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers. 

 This model hinges on several key elements: 

  • One-stop shopping: Walmart aims to fulfill diverse consumer needs by offering a wide array of products under one roof. 
  • Everyday Low Cost (EDLC): By diligently controlling expenses, Walmart sustains its ability to provide customers with competitive prices. 
  • Omni-channel presence: Leveraging both physical stores and digital platforms, Walmart ensures accessibility and convenience for customers across various channels. 
  • Strong logistics and supply chain management: Walmart’s efficient distribution network enables timely delivery of products to customers, contributing to its operational excellence. 

Additionally, this business model is one of the reasons why sellers choose the Walmart ecommerce platform, as it ensures that buyers can access products at the lowest prices every day. 

What is Walmart Marketing Mix? 

Walmart’s marketing mix is about how it sells things in its stores. They focus a lot on offering low prices to customers. This helps them do well in the global market. Even as they grow, Walmart sticks to these strategies to keep attracting customers, both in stores and online. 

Key Elements or 4Ps of Walmart Marketing Mix: 

The marketing mix of Walmart revolves around four fundamental elements: 

  • Pricing: Emphasizing its EDLP strategy, Walmart sets prices at consistently low levels, bolstering its competitiveness and customer appeal. 
  • Place (Distribution): Through an intensive distribution strategy, Walmart ensures widespread availability of products, both online and through its extensive network of physical stores. 
  • Product: Walmart’s extensive product range spans various categories, catering to diverse consumer preferences and needs. 
  • Promotion: Walmart employs a blend of sales promotions, advertisements, and public relations initiatives to bolster brand visibility and attract customers. 

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Strategies for Success as a Walmart Marketplace Seller  

Becoming a thriving seller on Walmart Marketplace entails strategic planning and execution. Here are three key strategies to maximize your chances of success: 

  • Competitive Pricing: Given Walmart’s emphasis on low prices, offering competitive pricing is paramount for success on the platform. Conduct thorough market research to ensure your prices are compelling compared to competitors, leveraging repricing tools if necessary to maintain competitiveness. 
  • Reputation Building: Walmart prioritizes sellers with a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Focus on building credibility by maintaining high feedback ratings and meeting Walmart’s stringent performance metrics. 
  • Product Differentiation: Stand out from the competition by offering unique products or filling gaps in Walmart’s product assortment. Identifying niche markets or introducing innovative products can enhance your appeal to Walmart’s customers and increase your chances of approval as a seller. 

How Walmart Free 2 Day Shipping Program Boosts Profits?

Enrolling in Walmart Free 2 Day Shipping program offers significant benefits for Walmart sellers, including: 

  • More Sales: When you offer fast 2-day shipping, you sell more stuff. For instance, things like art supplies, makeup, board games, and shampoo sell a lot more after you start offering Walmart’s Free 2-Day Shipping. 
  • Show Up Higher in Searches: If you ship things quickly, your products show up higher when people search for stuff to buy. This means less competition and more people seeing your items. 
  • Stand Out and Win: When you offer free 2-day shipping, you’re more likely to win the Walmart buy box. This makes you stand out from others selling similar stuff. 
  • Be Known for Good Service, Not Just Low Prices: Fast shipping shows you care about customers. People might choose you even if your prices aren’t the lowest. 
  • Stop People from Leaving: People often leave their carts without buying when shipping costs are high. Offering free 2-day shipping can make them stay and complete their purchase. 
  • Sell More Stuff Overall: Especially during holidays, people love fast and free shipping. By offering it, you can sell a lot more because your products show up better in searches, your account looks good, and you have a better chance of winning the buy box. 

Key Takeaway:

Enhance Customer Experience: Focus on building a strong reputation for exceptional customer service, meeting performance metrics, and offering fast shipping options like Walmart’s Free 2 Day Shipping program to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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How to Enable Walmart Free 2 Day Shipping?

Two options are available for activating Free 2-day shipping tags on your marketplace listings: seller-fulfilled and third-party fulfilled methods. 

Seller-Fulfilled Option 

  1. Generous Returns Policy: Make sure you have a policy where customers can return items easily. 
  1. Fulfill Orders: You need to have fulfilled at least 100 orders in the last 30 days. 
  1. Be a Seller for a While: You must have been selling on Walmart Marketplace for more than 90 days. 
  1. Delivery Performance: You need to meet certain performance standards: 
  • On-Time Shipping: Make sure over 95% of your orders are shipped on time. 
  • On-Time Delivery: Ensure over 95% of your orders are delivered on time. 
  • Valid Tracking Rate: Maintain a tracking rate of over 95%. 
  • Cancellation Rate: Keep your cancellation rate below 1.5%. 
  1. Request Approval: After reviewing your Fulfillment Insights metrics in Seller Center and confirming your eligibility, proceed to the Shipping settings section of your Partner Profile in Seller Center to request approval for program enrollment. You will receive notification of your approval status within 48 hours. 

NOTE: Once approved, sellers can customize regional shipping settings, enabling them to specify which regions and states to include if unable to cover the entire 48-state region. For further information on the seller-fulfilled option, refer to Seller Help. 

Third Party-Fulfilled Option (Deliverr) 

  1. Partnered with Deliverr: Walmart works with Deliverr for shipping. 
  1. Automatic Approval: If you use Deliverr, you’re automatically approved for Walmart’s Free 2-Day Shipping nationwide. 
  1. Transparent Pricing: Deliverr’s pricing is clear and simple. They charge only two fees: one for fulfillment and another for storage. 
  1. Special Rates for Walmart: Deliverr offers special prices just for Walmart’s Free 2-Day Shipping. 
  1. Sign Up: You can sign up on Deliverr’s website to get started. 

Enhancing Walmart Marketplace seller Success with KwickMetrics 

Success with KwickMetrics Description
Visual Insights Easy-to-understand visuals show Walmart sales trends and growth opportunities quickly.
Walmart Profit and loss analysis Profitability maps help find where you make the most money, so you can earn as much as possible.
Happy Customers Track returns to address product issues fast, keeping customers satisfied.
Performance Tracking Monitor metrics like shipping times to keep performance high.
Market Trends See sales trends and adapt products to meet customer needs.
Walmart Sales Analysis Detailed data on revenue, top-selling items, and category performance helps make smart decisions for growth.

Key Takeaway:

Utilize Data-driven Insights: Leverage tools such as KwickMetrics to analyze sales trends, track performance metrics, and make informed decisions to maximize profitability and growth on the platform.

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FAQs In relation to Walmart Marketplace seller

  1. What is Walmart Marketplace?
    • Walmart Marketplace is an e-commerce platform where third-party sellers can list their products alongside Walmart’s offerings on, reaching a vast customer base.
  2. How does Walmart ensure competitive prices?
    • Walmart emphasizes its Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) strategy, diligently controlling expenses and setting prices at consistently low levels to bolster competitiveness.
  3. What are the key strategies for success as a Walmart Marketplace seller?
    • Key strategies include competitive pricing, reputation building through exceptional customer service, and product differentiation to stand out among competitors.
  4. What are the benefits of enrolling in Walmart’s Free 2 Day Shipping program?
    • Benefits include increased sales, higher visibility in searches, winning the buy box, enhancing customer service reputation, reducing cart abandonment, and overall improved sales performance.
  5. How can sellers enable Walmart Free 2 Day Shipping?
    • Sellers can enable Free 2 Day Shipping through either the seller-fulfilled option, meeting specific performance criteria, or the third-party fulfilled option partnering with Deliverr, ensuring automatic approval and transparent pricing.


Navigating the complexities of selling on Walmart Marketplace requires a strategic approach and a commitment to excellence. By understanding Walmart business model, mastering effective selling strategies, and embracing programs like Walmart Free 2 Day Shipping, sellers can unlock the full potential of this renowned e-commerce platform. With diligence, innovation, and a customer-centric mindset, success as a Walmart Marketplace seller is within reach. 

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