KwickMetrics vs SellerBoard: Tools for Amazon Sellers

Updated on : May 20, 2024
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KwickMetrics vs SellerBoard: Tools for Amazon Sellers

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, choosing the right platform to manage your Amazon business is crucial. Two prominent contenders, KwickMetrics and SellerBoard business analytics tools and reimbursement software, offers a range of features to streamline operations, analyze data, and drive profitability. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs. 

Feature Comparison of Amazon Seller Analytics Tools

KwickMetrics vs SellerBoard 

Feature Comparison: KwickMetrics vs SellerBoard

Feature Comparison: KwickMetrics vs SellerBoard

Feature/Aspect KwickMetrics SellerBoard
Pricing $15 per month $15 per month
Focus Reimbursement Management, Profit Analytics, Product Sales Analysis, Ads Analytics, Feedback and Review Automation Profit Analytics, Follow-up Campaigns, Inventory, Reimbursement on Lost Inventory
Web, iOS, Android
Data Analysis Configurable Charts with Filters, trend comparison with exportable format PPC KPIs, Impressions, Conversion Rates
Reports Detailed sales order report, returns report, buyers insights, Category reports, PPC reports, custom reports, reimbursement reports etc. Refund breakdown, reasons for returns
Multiple Accounts User Access
Unique Feature Customized Reports, Reimbursement Service, Review and Feedback Request PPC Optimization, Review Requests
Amazon All-in-One App
Customization Services Offers Customizable Combined Services on user’s request Less Emphasis on Customization
Metrics View Various Metrics – Sales, Orders, Revenue, returns, sellable and unsellable units, return percentage, profit margin, buyer insights, refund amounts, COGS etc. Various Metrics – Sales, Orders, Refunds, Profits etc.
Free Trial Period (No Credit Card)

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Benefits of using KwickMetrics against SellerBoard: 

KwickMetrics’ Advantage in Reimbursement Management 

One of the distinctive features that sets KwickMetrics apart in the realm of Amazon analytics tools is its unwavering focus on Amazon reimbursement management. Unlike traditional tools that merely analyze FBA reimbursements, KwickMetrics goes a step further by offering a comprehensive suite that not only empowers sellers to meticulously track and manage reimbursements within the tool but also provides a unique service for claiming amazon reimbursements. 

1. Reimbursement Management within KwickMetrics: 

  • KwickMetrics provides a robust and intuitive interface within its tool, allowing amazon sellers to seamlessly track and analyse FBA Reimbursement data. This includes identifying instances of lost or damaged stock, discrepancies in fees, and other factors that may warrant reimbursements. 

2. Claiming Reimbursements: 

  • What truly sets KwickMetrics apart is its proactive approach to claiming reimbursements on behalf of sellers. The platform is not just a passive observer; it actively identifies opportunities for reimbursement claims based on the data analysis conducted within the tool. It does regular FBA Audit for Amazon Reimbursements. 

3. Dedicated Reimbursement Services by KwickMetrics Team: 

  • Beyond the capabilities of the tool, KwickMetrics offers a specialized service where its expert team takes charge of the reimbursement process. This hands-on service involves thorough investigation, preparation of claims, and relentless follow-ups with Amazon to ensure that sellers receive the rightful compensation for any discrepancies. 

4. Profitable Outcomes for Sellers: 

  • Sellers partnering with KwickMetrics not only benefit from the analytics tools integrated into the platform but also from the tangible profits generated through successful reimbursement claims. The dedicated team at KwickMetrics acts as an ally for amazon sellers, tirelessly working to recover funds that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

5. Claiming Reimbursement Amounts: 

  • KwickMetrics simplifies the often-complex process of claiming reimbursement amounts. By leveraging advanced analytics, the reimbursement tool identifies areas where reimbursements are due, and the experienced team takes charge of the entire claiming process, ensuring amazon sellers receive the maximum amount they are entitled to. 

6. Seamless Communication: 

  • KwickMetrics understands the importance of transparent communication throughout the reimbursement journey. FBA sellers are kept informed at every step, providing them with peace of mind and confidence in the process. 

7. “Contact Us” for Amazon Reimbursement Services: 

  • To facilitate FBA sellers in harnessing the full potential of FBA reimbursement Service, KwickMetrics encourages direct engagement. The platform invites FBA sellers to explore the dedicated reimbursement services by reaching out through the “Contact Us” section, fostering a collaborative partnership for maximizing returns. 

In essence, KwickMetrics is not just an analytics tool; it’s a strategic ally for Amazon sellers, dedicated to optimizing every aspect of reimbursement management. By combining cutting-edge analytics within the tool and offering hands-on reimbursement services, KwickMetrics stands as a beacon for amazon sellers looking to not only understand their Amazon reimbursement landscape but also to proactively capitalize on it. For those ready to embark on a journey of increased profitability through meticulous reimbursement management software and claiming services, KwickMetrics is poised to make a transformative impact. 

Key Takeaway:

KwickMetrics Strengths: Discover KwickMetrics’ focus on reimbursement management and proactive claiming services for Amazon sellers.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

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Benefits of using Sellerboard 

  1. Track PPC Performance at All Levels: 
  • Gain quick insights into overall PPC performance or delve into detailed analysis by campaign, ad group, or keyword. 
  • Evaluate KPI dynamics and assess the profitability of campaigns comprehensively. 
  1. Manual Approval & Autopilot Mode: 
  • Exercise full control over bid and keyword automation with sellerboard’s assistance. 
  • Receive calculation-based recommendations on bid changes and manually apply them as needed. 
  • Opt for autopilot mode to let sellerboard automatically calculate and apply bid and keyword recommendations to your campaigns. 
  1. Harvest Top-Performing Keywords: 
  • Run automated campaigns to harvest the best-performing keywords. 
  • Transfer these keywords to select campaigns to boost their performance. 
  • Filter out underperforming keywords automatically based on defined criteria. 

Overall Suggestion

While both tools cater to different aspects of Amazon business management, the choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and priorities of the seller. 

Choose KwickMetrics If

  • Reimbursement management and Analytics reports are top priorities. (services) 
  • A comprehensive suite of analytics and reimbursement tools and hands-on services is crucial. 
  • Successful claiming of reimbursements and maximizing profits are key objectives. 
  • If you are in need of customized reports choose kwickMetrics 
  • Customized service according user request.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool

It only takes a few seconds to fill out the signup form and start trying out KwickMetrics.

14-day free trial. No credit card required, cancel at any time.

FAQs In relation to Analytics Tools for Amazon Sellers  

What factors should I consider when choosing between KwickMetrics and SellerBoard?

Consider your specific business needs, such as reimbursement management, PPC optimization, customization options, and pricing plans. Evaluate the features offered by each platform to determine which aligns best with your requirements.

How does KwickMetrics stand out in terms of reimbursement management?

KwickMetrics offers a comprehensive suite for reimbursement management, including tracking and analyzing FBA reimbursement data, proactive claiming services, and dedicated reimbursement assistance by their expert team. They go beyond simple analysis to actively help sellers claim reimbursements, maximizing their profits.

Can KwickMetrics provide insights into product sales performance and profitability?

Yes, KwickMetrics provides detailed analytics on product sales performance and profitability. Sellers can access metrics such as sales, orders, revenue, profit margins, and more, allowing them to analyze their product performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize profitability.

Does KwickMetrics offer any specialized services or support for Amazon sellers?

Yes, KwickMetrics provides specialized services and support tailored to Amazon sellers’ needs. In addition to their reimbursement management and analytics tools, KwickMetrics offers customized reports, hands-on assistance with reimbursement claims, and transparent communication throughout the reimbursement process.


KwickMetrics provides comprehensive analytics and reimbursement services for Amazon sellers. With KwickMetrics, sellers can access tailored reports, expert reimbursement management, and proactive claiming of reimbursements. Additionally, KwickMetrics emphasizes transparency and seamless communication throughout the reimbursement process, ensuring sellers are well-informed and confident. Conversely, SellerBoard offers robust PPC optimization and automating advertising strategies.

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